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Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABEL, David R  19 Feb 1861Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I560982
2 ALMONEY, Anna Lucretia  5 Jun 1887Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I764420
3 ALMONEY, Harry L  5 Sep 1933Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I606934
4 ALMONEY, Joseph Adam  10 Feb 1865Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I139178
5 ALMONEY, Ralph Wilbur  2 Sep 1893Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I606432
6 ALMONEY, Rosa Estella  25 Mar 1892Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I764419
7 ALMONEY, Rose  21 Jun 1923Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I606936
8 ALMONEY, Victor Earnest Sr.  11 May 1901Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662704
9 BAHN, Norman F  6 Apr 1889Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I468762
10 BARLEY, Edna M  Apr 1891Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I538535
11 BEAVERSON, Sarah Leah  18 Mar 1915Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I762116
12 BEERY, Margaret  Abt 1742Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I239375
13 BEERY, Nicholas Jr.  16 Jun 1739Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I348350
14 BENTZ, Edna Kathryn  24 Jul 1909Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I394972
15 BILLET, Charles F  18 Jan 1889Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I514337
16 BILLET, Elsie Lee  Jan 1891Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662498
17 BILLET, Fannie B  Aug 1893Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662499
18 BILLET, Granville B  10 Nov 1881Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I831981
19 BILLET, Lillie Ann  17 Dec 1881Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I743728
20 BILLET, Mary Ellen  25 May 1914Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I563776
21 BILLET, Mazzie M  Sep 1895Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662500
22 BILLET, Merle Lucinda  11 Oct 1921Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I5994
23 BILLET, Norma Jean  22 Sep 1932Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I602933
24 BILLET, Sallie F  3 Sep 1886Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662497
25 BILLET, Scott C  24 Jun 1911Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I828788
26 BILLET, Susan Agnes  8 Feb 1884Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662496
27 BILLET, Wilbert L  Mar 1898Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662501
28 BILLET, Zachariah  1901Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662502
29 BIXLER, Dora E  11 Sep 1877Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662523
30 BLAUSER, Charles Ellsworth Sr.  14 Jan 1892Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I823891
31 BLAUSER, Eli Robert  22 Jun 1935Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I533259
32 BOECKEL, Emeline  14 Apr 1868Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I270145
33 BOLTON, Charles Drawbaugh  8 May 1926Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1000703
34 BOWER, Mabel A  17 Dec 1924Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I968421
35 BRENNEMAN, Evelyn V  21 Jul 1914Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I461846
36 BRENNEMAN, Grace Estella  27 Jun 1904Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I461330
37 BRENNEMAN, Lovellen E  6 Sep 1906Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I566660
38 BRENNEMAN, Madell E  21 Nov 1924Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I461852
39 BRENNEMAN, Thurlow  19 Sep 1915Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I308695
40 BRENNEMAN, Violet L  1917Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I461847
41 BUCHANAN, George H  21 Jun 1926Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I754558
42 BURGER, Norman John  19 Dec 1921Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I540425
43 CONN, Maude  22 Dec 1883Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I828780
44 COPP, Mervin  3 Nov 1871Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I428947
45 COXEN, Beulah Ellen  30 Sep 1897Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I697550
46 CUNNINGHAM, Armond Albert  8 Sep 1911Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I564465
47 CUNNINGHAM, Chester E  15 Feb 1904Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I763551
48 CUNNINGHAM, Park A Sr.  22 Aug 1912Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I468819
49 CUNNINGHAM, Sarah Elizabeth  20 Jan 1887Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I695048
50 DEARDORFF, Elmo William Jacob  14 Sep 1907Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I34100

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRENNER, Curtis Edgar  20 Nov 1892Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40606
2 BRENNER, Curvin Daniel  4 Apr 1888Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40604
3 BRENNER, Edna Pauline  6 Mar 1910Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40671
4 BRENNER, George Franklin  29 Sep 1889Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40605
5 BRENNER, Harvey Winfield  18 Jun 1882Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40602
6 BRENNER, Henry Wilson  9 Jan 1910Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40638
7 BRENNER, John Michael  20 Oct 1895Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40607
8 BRENNER, Louise Caroline  17 Jan 1927Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40641
9 BRENNER, Mabel Estella  17 Sep 1899Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40608
10 BRENNER, Thelma May  12 Dec 1920Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40702
11 HIVELY, Edwin Franklin Jr.  9 Apr 1893Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I17562
12 HIVELY, Emma Elmira  27 Nov 1887Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I17560
13 HIVELY, Florence Catherine  23 May 1896Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I17563
14 HIVELY, George Samuel  12 Jul 1885Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I17558
15 HIVELY, Irwin Cleveland  12 Jul 1885Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I17559
16 HIVELY, William Norman  21 Dec 1890Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I17561
17 RUNKLE, Donald Eugene  27 Apr 1924Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40708
18 RUNKLE, Frank Eugene  4 Oct 1919Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40706
19 RUNKLE, Theda Pauline  12 Dec 1920Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I40707
20 SHENBERGER, Edna Louise  19 Apr 1910Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I337811


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bertie N  19 Jun 1947Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1061574
2 Jimetta  26 Aug 1961Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1069160
3 ABEL, Mary Alverta  6 Apr 1994Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I475039
4 ABEL, Sheldon Kane Sr.  16 Dec 1956Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I837978
5 ABEL, Stephen Gerald  17 Dec 2002Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I838055
6 ADAMS, Delores A  27 Mar 2007Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I647204
7 ADAMS, Helen Mae  9 May 2011Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I817044
8 ADAMS, James W  18 Sep 1982Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I584754
9 ADAMS, Martha Belle  14 Aug 1959Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I836901
10 AKINS, Beulah Irene  28 Mar 1922Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I835505
11 ALBRIGHT, Levi B  10 Dec 1959Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I699330
12 ALLISON, Anna Mae  26 May 1956Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I746152
13 ALLISON, Jennie Delilah  25 Apr 1961Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I724126
14 ALLISON, Phyllis M  6 Apr 2011Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I607141
15 ALMONEY, Benjamin Franklin  1909Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I761782
16 ALTLAND, Goldie Elizabeth  30 Jan 1995Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I552425
17 ANDERSON, Martha May  4 Apr 1996Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I921360
18 ANSTINE, Daniel  26 Jul 1941Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I335860
19 ANSTINE, William Legrand  14 Apr 2009Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I335969
20 ANTHONY, John Elmer  23 Dec 1961Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I982059
21 ANTHONY, William  28 Dec 1958Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I632026
22 ARNDT, Alice M  17 Mar 1965Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I607732
23 ARNOLD, Clyde Henry  28 Oct 1954Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I746812
24 ASPER, Faye Elizabeth  28 Feb 2009Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I401610
25 AUBEL, Raymond Stanton  21 Mar 2002Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I690069
26 AUGHENBAUGH, Leonard Spurgeon  30 Jan 2016Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I572890
27 BACKEL, Nancy Jane  9 Jun 2011Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I762590
28 BAER, Allen Edwin  7 Apr 1994Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1049793
29 BAER, Easter Pauline  11 Jan 2001Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1049791
30 BAER, Hayward Richard  18 Dec 1961Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1062468
31 BAER, Mary Sprenkle  3 Sep 1991Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I553554
32 BAHN, Anna May  5 Sep 1913Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1037351
33 BAHN, Ida A  12 Jun 2002Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I466530
34 BAHN, Margaret L  7 Apr 2007Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I468801
35 BAHN, Mildred  28 Mar 1917Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1037353
36 BAILEY, Clara V  7 Dec 1998Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I628218
37 BAILEY, Edward  9 Dec 1956Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I514256
38 BAILEY, Samuel Nathan Jr.  22 Feb 2011Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I904602
39 BAIR, Josephine Geraldine  17 Jul 1998Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I634130
40 BAIR, Ruth N  29 Sep 1972Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I552307
41 BAIRD, Thomas Benton  3 Dec 1938Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1023707
42 BAKER, Beulah May  25 Feb 1963Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I532388
43 BAKER, Burtis Clinton  5 Nov 1963Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I174522
44 BAKER, George Milton  28 May 1955Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I731933
45 BAMFORTH, Allean Gracella  28 Mar 2010Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I532320
46 BANKERT, Jennie Irene  27 Jul 1976Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I9800
47 BARD, Doris M  7 Jan 2018Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I1036862
48 BARNHART, Amanda  23 Jun 1946Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I448680
49 BARNHART, Mary Frances  26 Mar 1952Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I957348
50 BARSHINGER, Calvin Henry  23 Dec 1981Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I808073

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I657240
2 Agnes  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I833361
3 Agnes C  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662541
4 Alice Emma  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I836478
5 Alice J  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I662282
6 Almira H  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830711
7 Amanda  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I835473
8 Amanda E  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I845104
9 Amanda R  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I831925
10 Ann M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I834696
11 Anna E  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I835896
12 Anna M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I836345
13 Anna Mary  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I828853
14 Anna Mary  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I829749
15 Anna Mary  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I833588
16 Annie  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I836957
17 Annie L  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I836621
18 Bertha  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I716584
19 Bertha M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I763731
20 Bessie A  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830640
21 Betty J  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830533
22 Caroline  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I785430
23 Carolyn A  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I829329
24 Carolyn P  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830800
25 Carrie M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I828758
26 Catharina  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I764708
27 Catharine M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I834895
28 Christina  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I833558
29 Della S  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830847
30 Dorothea  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I829709
31 Dorothy E  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I828900
32 Edith A  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I564553
33 Edith M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I834698
34 Edna M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830623
35 Edna M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I836948
36 Elda Rae  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830716
37 Eliza  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I834089
38 Elizabeth  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I319189
39 Elizabeth  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I833560
40 Elizabeth  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I834095
41 Elizabeth  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I847713
42 Elizabeth C  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I834645
43 Elizabeth J  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830634
44 Elizabeth J  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I834880
45 Ellen  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I898738
46 Ellen A  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I686177
47 Ellen K  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I896999
48 Ellen M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I830151
49 Ellen N  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I835921
50 Ellie M  Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania I831863

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLASSER / HEIDLER  1 May 1976Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F292346
2 BRENNER / BENTZEL  29 Oct 1907Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F21664
3 BRENNER / SIPE  12 Oct 1919Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F254584
4 BRENNER / STOUGH  8 Apr 1916Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F21666
5 CRUMLING / ARNOLD  20 Aug 1988Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F315530
6 DELLINGER / DIETZ  6 Sep 1947Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F218715
7 DITTENHAFER / HEIDELBAUGH  1 Jan 1910Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F280184
8 FITZ / WARNER  13 Jan 2001Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F182333
9 FREY / BLUM  28 Feb 1916Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F232602
10 GLADFELTER / KREIGER  30 Jul 1966Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F133654
11 GROVE / DIEHL  25 Aug 1973Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F203191
12 HIVELY / STRICKLER  4 Sep 1862Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F4301
13 KLINE / FREY  3 Sep 1927Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F8766
14 MCCURDY / BILLET  13 Dec 1900Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F254669
15 POFF / SHENBERGER  5 Sep 1925Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F220101
16 RAVER / MILLER  28 Aug 1977Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F70387
17 RAVER / VAUGHN  19 Mar 1988Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F70388
18 SHELLY / KAUFFMAN  30 Aug 1903Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F243871
19 SHENBERGER / HOLLER  17 May 1903Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F9432
20 SPANGLER / SCHRIVER  21 May 1905Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F199864
21 WOLFGANG / INNERST  18 Aug 1900Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F265684
22 ZECH / HEILAND  22 Jun 1895Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F222887
23 ZEIGLER / FREY  24 Jun 1905Springettsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania F271585