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Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDERFER, Lillian  4 Jul 1913Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I268841
2 CLEMENS, Sallie N  8 Nov 1895Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888754
3 FREDERICK, John Souder  6 Dec 1839Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I268806
4 HAYES, Colleen Elaine  11 Mar 1946Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I414333
5 HENDRICKS, Ray Landis  20 Jul 1929Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I1050378
6 KEELER, Doris May  5 Aug 1931Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I1067232
7 KULP, J Wesley  1923Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888765
8 KULP, Stanley Moyer  17 Nov 1918Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888763
9 LITTLE, LeRoy F  9 Jun 1929Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I1057704
10 MOYER, Kathryn A  18 Jul 1919Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888756
11 MOYER, Sara A  1 Mar 1922Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888758
12 PRICE, Annie  11 May 1873Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I265045
13 PRICE, Emma  25 Aug 1899Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I268749
14 PRICE, Henry  14 Jun 1895Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I268741
15 PRICE, Olivia  24 Feb 1890Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I268733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDERFER, Mary C  5 Jan 1990Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888750
2 ALDERFER, Susan M  1 Sep 1990Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888735
3 ALDERFER, Verda  17 Mar 1969Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888755
4 ANDERS, Alma Moyer  4 Jan 2003Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888717
5 ANDERS, Menno Clemens  16 Nov 1976Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888715
6 ANDERS, Sallie M  27 May 2000Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888751
7 BERGEY, Catherine W  25 Dec 1992Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I260957
8 BOOZ, Anna Moyer  22 Jul 1944Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I265631
9 CLEMENS, Francies  5 Aug 1997Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I824298
10 CLEMENS, Sallie N  5 May 1916Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888754
11 CLEMMENS, Emeline  12 Jan 1992Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I624329
12 DETWEILER, Willis G  12 Jan 1992Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888759
13 FROELICH, Dayton Ellsworth  19 Oct 2002Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I705733
14 GLATFELTER, Mary Catherine  21 Aug 2003Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I16525
15 GOOD, Fannie G  19 Feb 1986Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I445890
16 GOOD, Mary G  15 Jan 1997Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I445899
17 HERTZLER, Sarah E  21 Apr 2002Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I446048
18 KOLB, Jacob Funk  9 Sep 1993Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I445900
19 KULP, Francis B  18 Apr 1996Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888757
20 LANDES, Walter Delp  31 May 2005Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I824300
21 LANDIS, Henry Metz  31 Mar 1987Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I330425
22 MACK, Ellis L  11 Feb 2005Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I445895
23 MOYER, Mamie  5 Jan 1986Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888724
24 NICE, Mary B  15 Aug 2002Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I888753
25 NYCE, John Ellsworth  Jun 1978Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I267327
26 PRICE, Susie  8 Feb 2000Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I265366
27 SMITH, Annah Margaret  17 Sep 2001Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I705736
28 SOUDER, Mary Irene  6 Mar 2011Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I827653
29 TIECH, Ronald  21 Nov 1979Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I606229


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALDERFER, Philip Swartley  Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I624263
2 ALDERFER, Price A  Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I268840
3 LANDIS, Annie Overholt  Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I624323
4 MOYER, Elizabeth Kulp  Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I624262
5 MOYER, Ervin Detweiler  Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I624322
6 PRICE, Bertha A  Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I265422


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LANDIS / DERSTINE  20 May 1944Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F115386