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Richmond, Henrico, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, Carolyn Page  22 Jun 1931Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I232964
2 BOWLES, Carl E Sr.  21 Jun 1936Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I730344
3 CHAPMAN, Tracy Odell  24 Aug 1898Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I714737
4 CLARK, Alma Sadie  22 Apr 1880Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1066138
5 CRUMP, Thomas Nash  8 May 1943Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I705743
6 GLADFELTER, Debra Susan  5 Jun 1956Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I14081
7 GOSNELL, Thomas Culyer  28 Sep 1927Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I110323
8 GRAY, Walter H  20 Aug 1898Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I154233
9 HARNE, Thelma Louise  13 Dec 1903Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1025075
10 HILL, Deborah  12 Nov 1981Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I317403
11 KELLY, Olive Lee  22 Dec 1884Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I969821
12 MILLER, Elva Mae  15 Dec 1930Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1061748
13 MITZEL, Albert  7 Oct 1859Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I532259
14 O'KELLY, Sandra Faye  22 Jan 1949Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1046966
15 O'NEILL, George Joseph Sr.  28 Aug 1886Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I797267
16 PIERCE, James Myron II  2 Nov 1924Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I236759
17 PRICE, John V  29 Mar 1708Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I973951
18 PRICE, William Ingram Sr.  4 Feb 1903Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I610407
19 RHYNE, Anthony Eugene Jr.  25 May 1971Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I236726
20 STROUTH, Nettie Mae  16 Jul 1917Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I883386
21 SWEITZER, Martha Louise  8 Mar 1934Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I671003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, Clarence Jenkins Sr.  16 Mar 1968Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I113339
2 BARTKOWSKI, Margaret Virginia  Jun 1979Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I524221
3 BAUSERMAN, Victor Eugene  7 Aug 1975Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I982116
4 BORDEN, Carl Lynwood  5 Jun 1957Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I282373
5 BORTNER, Robert Ordway  12 May 1981Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I524220
6 CARSCADDON, William Henry Sr.  17 Dec 1863Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I319597
7 CARTER, Susannah  14 Dec 1699Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I974066
8 CLARK, William Lewis Sr.  24 Aug 1994Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I769710
9 CLEMMER, Cephas  Abt 29 Jun 1862Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I102967
10 CLODFELTER, Paul Larkin Jr  29 Jan 2009Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I66181
11 CLONINGER, Iva Deane  27 Jan 1978Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I103430
12 CLONINGER, Sidney  8 Jan 1863Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I103495
13 CODY, Jesse  20 Jul 1862Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I354092
14 COHEN, Carolyn Ann  7 Oct 2004Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1025251
15 DELAUTER, Jean Patricia  29 Dec 2004Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I479507
16 FABER, Horace Brown Jr.  18 Aug 2017Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I567494
17 FLAHARTY, Jason R  7 Apr 2011Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I681993
18 GIBBONEY, Evalin Haller  26 Feb 1937Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I733058
19 GISH, Dorothy M  10 May 2008Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I928528
20 GLADFELTER, Richard Senft  30 Sep 1992Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I14064
21 GLATFELTER, Mary Ellen  27 Mar 1951Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I507551
22 GORDON, Robert Derwood Sr.  4 Oct 1963Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I286491
23 GUNNET, Merle Eugene  19 Oct 2009Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I428550
24 HAND, Zoe Anna  24 Jan 1929Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I104148
25 HENDERSHOT, Russell C  3 Jun 1999Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I182424
26 HOLLINGER, Samuel  26 Feb 1865Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I34319
27 HUNT, Ambrose Linus  28 Feb 1999Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I789636
28 JACOBY, Harry Clayton  20 Oct 1907Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I483256
29 LEGRAND, Richard Benjamin  29 Sep 1988Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I538133
30 LEONARD, Absolem  16 Jun 1864Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I135601
31 LEPPO, John P  9 Jun 2014Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I857893
32 LEREW, Stuart Samuel  15 Nov 2000Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I555879
33 LLOYD, Hanna Elizabeth  1 Sep 1983Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I699572
34 MAJOR, Emily Bright  13 Nov 1946Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I954258
35 MCCRARY, John Calhoun  6 Apr 1865Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I69878
36 MESSERSMITH, Noah  16 Aug 1915Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I5552
37 MESSINGER, Harry Milton  14 Jun 1966Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I745422
38 NAFF, George William  14 Apr 1944Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I363460
39 NAFF, Jackie Ella  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I363652
40 NAFF, Marvin Edward  Nov 1964Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I363438
41 O'KELLY, Sandra Faye  24 Jan 2017Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1046966
42 OBENCHAIN, John William  27 Oct 1861Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I21804
43 PICKETT, David Alexander  7 Nov 1863Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I65494
44 RATCHFORD, Robert William  23 Sep 2012Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I543300
45 REICHARD, Nora  Jan 1978Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I533602
46 RHYNE, George  1862Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I105135
47 RHYNE, John Jonas  Dec 1862Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I99013
48 RUDISILL, Daniel Rufus  13 Jul 1863Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I402120
49 SHELTON, John  1660Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I973812
50 SHOAF, Eli  8 Jan 1865Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I71752

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLAY, Cathy Linda  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I566791
2 CLODFELTER, Miles Levy  1863/1865Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I60048
3 CLODFELTER, Paul Larkin Jr  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I66181
4 COHEN, Carolyn Ann  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1025251
5 FABER, Horace Brown Jr.  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I567494
6 MCCRARY, John Calhoun  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I69878
7 O'KELLY, Sandra Faye  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I1046966
8 RHYNE, Benjamin  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I122807
9 SHOAF, Clifford Lee  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I66380
10 SINK, Joseph Adam  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I63776
11 WHITFIELD, Betty Taylor  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I66383
12 WILLS, Richard W  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia I920906


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GLENN / COLE  11 Aug 1915Richmond, Henrico, Virginia F48812
2 INNERST / FOLLER  30 Jun 1962Richmond, Henrico, Virginia F216503
3 JACOBY / KELLY  14 Oct 1903Richmond, Henrico, Virginia F191278
4 LINEBAUGH / SHINDEL  15 Mar 1941Richmond, Henrico, Virginia F239114
5 RUBY / LOWERY  27 Jul 1875Richmond, Henrico, Virginia F360765