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Warren, Huntington, Indiana



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EUBANK, Alonzo Mellville  1 Mar 1874Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171032
2 EUBANK, Elizabeth Ann  12 Aug 1862Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171181
3 EUBANK, Elizabeth Jane  24 Aug 1854Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171173
4 EUBANK, Ida Rosana  14 Dec 1865Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171182
5 EUBANK, James Henry  20 Nov 1869Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171029
6 EUBANK, John Franklin  1 Nov 1858Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171174
7 EUBANK, Lillie May  2 Dec 1877Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171033
8 EUBANK, Mary Etta  8 Oct 1860Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171180
9 EUBANK, Ruth Rosella  14 Dec 1871Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171030
10 EUBANK, Sarah Catherine  23 May 1852Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171100
11 EUBANK, Sarah Delphina  12 Apr 1880Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171034
12 HERROLD, Lo  10 Jul 1906Warren, Huntington, Indiana I640079
13 RUBLE, Cecil Fleet  1 Jan 1989Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171124
14 RUBLE, Clinton Berlin  10 Aug 1896Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171107
15 RUBLE, Ellis A  31 Jan 1872Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171102
16 RUBLE, Herman J  9 Sep 1888Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639772
17 RUBLE, Jesse Paul  8 Sep 1901Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171126
18 RUBLE, Joseph William  18 Jan 1877Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171147
19 RUBLE, Merrill A  14 Mar 1905Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171104
20 SCHEMERHORNE, Park Edward  20 Aug 1903Warren, Huntington, Indiana I640479
21 STEPHENS, William E  6 Feb 1876Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171144
22 UNRUE, George Andrew  19 Feb 1861Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171023
23 UNRUE, George E  2 Apr 1871Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639669
24 WHITEHURST, Joseph Harmon  14 Mar 1912Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171136


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHENS, Charlottie  5 May 1918Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170819
2 CALHOUN, Minerva  15 Jan 1928Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639749
3 EUBANK, Aaron  20 Apr 1910Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171025
4 EUBANK, Ida Viola  25 Dec 1969Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639702
5 EUBANK, John H  18 Jan 1895Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170352
6 EUBANK, Jonas  5 Jul 1929Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171186
7 EUBANK, Joseph Joel  22 Oct 1891Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170358
8 EUBANK, Mary Hannah  27 Feb 1879Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170356
9 EUBANK, Sarah Catherine  9 Feb 1916Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171100
10 EUBANK, William  6 Feb 1881Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171027
11 HAGLER, George  4 Feb 1943Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171160
12 JONES, Foster W  6 Oct 1988Warren, Huntington, Indiana I397950
13 LANTIS, Mary Elzena  23 Jan 1947Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170521
14 MOHLER, Susan J  1925Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171022
15 PALMER, Mary Samantha  1894Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170995
16 ROBERTS, William Elijah  13 May 1921Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171158
17 RUBLE, Clara Belle  21 Jun 1935Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171134
18 RUBLE, Ellis A  6 Mar 1956Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171102
19 RUBLE, Hester Ann  13 Feb 1881Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171028
20 RUBLE, James Walter  10 Sep 1912Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639769
21 RUBLE, Joseph William  2 Oct 1954Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171147
22 RUBLE, Merrill A  2 Apr 1984Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171104
23 RUBLE, Nellie L  12 Oct 1959Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171159
24 SCHMUCK, Cornelius  7 Jul 1903Warren, Huntington, Indiana I187558
25 SCHMUCK, Sarah Delitha  1903Warren, Huntington, Indiana I190258
26 SCHOLVER, Rebecca  1 Apr 1888Warren, Huntington, Indiana I592413
27 SPROWL, Josie Margaret  13 Jul 1996Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170941
28 SWAIM, Lusadia  23 Mar 1877Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639680
29 UNRUE, John Wells  Jul 1929Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170994
30 UNRUE, Joseph  3 Feb 1916Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170818
31 UNRUE, Mary Idola  9 May 1945Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170856


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ATHENS, Charlottie  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170819
2 BARNES, Isaiah  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170976
3 DAY, Lucinda  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170527
4 EUBANK, Aaron  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171025
5 EUBANK, Joel Joseph  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170526
6 EUBANK, Jonas  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171186
7 EUBANK, Joseph Joel  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170358
8 EUBANK, Mary Hannah  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170356
9 EUBANK, Roy Ferman  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639879
10 EUBANK, William  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171027
11 KEITH, Dorothy E  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171164
12 LANTIS, Mary Elzena  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170521
13 MCCLURE, Mamie Leota  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170859
14 MOHLER, Susan J  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171022
15 PALMER, Mary Samantha  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170995
16 ROBERTS, William Elijah  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171158
17 ROHRER, Rosannah  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170359
18 RUBLE, Bertha C  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171157
19 RUBLE, Hester Ann  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171028
20 SWAIM, Lusadia  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I639680
21 UNRUE, Anna Catherine  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170975
22 UNRUE, George Jr.  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170357
23 UNRUE, Henry  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I171021
24 UNRUE, John Wells  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170994
25 WAGAMAN, Mary  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I170463
26 WILEY, Amy R  Warren, Huntington, Indiana I640182


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAMPBELL / SPROWL  18 Dec 1923Warren, Huntington, Indiana F78368
2 ENYEART / RUBLE  24 Dec 1905Warren, Huntington, Indiana F247622
3 EUBANK / RUBLE  6 Oct 1868Warren, Huntington, Indiana F78407
4 GASKILL / SPROWL  22 Jul 1922Warren, Huntington, Indiana F78367
5 MITCHELL / EUBANK  18 Nov 1882Warren, Huntington, Indiana F78497
6 RUBLE / EUBANK  17 Oct 1869Warren, Huntington, Indiana F78446
7 RUBLE / HONEYCUTT  14 Oct 1922Warren, Huntington, Indiana F78479
8 RUBLE / PENLAND  8 Apr 1899Warren, Huntington, Indiana F78475