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Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARDUSER, Joseph O Sr.  Abt 1874Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I779640
2 ARGIRO, Maria Nancy  26 Oct 1956Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I771032
3 BEAGLE, Barbara  10 Aug 1927Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1013144
4 BIELEK, Cyrill A  Abt 1918Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1022570
5 BLOOM, Edward  7 Jun 1919Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I228255
6 BLOUGH, Carman George  11 Nov 1895Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I539890
7 BLYTH, Carl Stuart Sr.  20 Dec 1918Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I941668
8 BRATTEN, Levi Clark  8 Apr 1853Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I252219
9 BUCK, Lucy  12 Dec 1935Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I175147
10 BUTLER, Samuel Robert  10 Feb 1919Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I587250
11 CHILDS, Adelaide Howard  16 Dec 1859Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802085
12 CRALEY, Barbara A  23 Apr 1945Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I815457
13 CROOKS, Rev. Patricia  11 Mar 1943Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I172145
14 DAGNELL, Doris A  18 May 1935Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I44114
15 DEIS, Thomas Alexander  Dec 1899Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I621951
16 DIEHL, Phyllis Ruth  9 Nov 1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I176460
17 DUFF, Mary Margaret  10 Dec 1902Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I567567
18 EMENHEISER, Betty Jane  14 Aug 1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I30986
19 EVEY, Ethel B  2 Feb 1892Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I177342
20 EVEY, Mary Martha  7 Jan 1897Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I177340
21 EVEY, Ruth L  26 Apr 1890Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I177341
22 EYLER, Floyd Russell  20 Jan 1925Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I859517
23 FINIGAN, Robert Franklin  18 Feb 1906Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I368135
24 FRICK, Dr. Childs  12 Mar 1883Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802082
25 FRICK, Helen Clay  2 Sep 1888Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802114
26 FRICK, Henry Clay Jr.  8 Jul 1892Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802083
27 FRICK, Martha Howard  5 Aug 1885Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802076
28 GASSNER, William A  29 Dec 1894Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I555589
29 GLOTFELTY, Charles Webster  15 Jan 1909Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006433
30 GLOTFELTY, Webster Bruce Jr.  13 Mar 1917Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006434
31 GRUMBACH, Elmer C  12 Nov 1888Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I345879
32 GUNTHER, Margaret Ann  12 Nov 1906Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I112431
33 HAMME, David Eugene  21 Nov 1947Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I19241
34 HAMSHER, Carl P Miller  7 Apr 1910Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I992780
35 HARPER, Howard Lawrence  9 Apr 1910Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1051232
36 HARTMAN, George  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I882943
37 HAVERSTOCK, Marie A  8 Apr 1906Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I754322
38 HAZLETT, Howard Loomis  6 Jul 1876Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I187683
39 HINES, William J  30 Aug 1850Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I137138
40 HOFMANN, LaVerne Amelia  11 Jul 1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I742521
41 HOHMEYER, Wilhelmina Anna  18 Jan 1890Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1045008
42 HOLLAND, Richard M  2 Mar 1918Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I759419
43 HOLLAND, Robert Hughes  12 Sep 1921Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I759420
44 HOUSE, Ronald J  1928Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I739582
45 HOUSER, Anna Elizabeth Miller  4 Feb 1906Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I583977
46 HUBER, Kathryn Marie  2 Jul 1902Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I770569
47 HUNTER, Blanche Isabel  11 May 1907Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I303862
48 IRWIN, Martha Jane  25 May 1908Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1074080
49 JENKINS, John Clifford  Abt 1897Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I586634
50 KALTREIDER, Charles John  9 Nov 1924Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1061723

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ada L  24 Feb 1998Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I527118
2 Rebecca  14 Apr 1894Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I280854
3 ABEL, Pamela  30 Jan 2015Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I605636
4 BEPLER, Charles W  21 Jan 1945Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I385267
5 BLATTENBERGER, Conrad Harper  10 Dec 1957Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I306012
6 BOYER, Della May  20 Apr 1947Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I242706
7 BRETZ, Benjamin F  21 Oct 1950Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I176220
8 BRITCHER, Clarke Oliver  4 Feb 1959Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I506075
9 BROWN, John Thomas  13 Feb 1933Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1068357
10 BUTLER, Charles Foust Fogleman  Apr 1966Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I587248
11 CASHMAN, Bender Zelotus  7 Oct 1948Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1054321
12 COOPER, John H  28 Oct 2000Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I803584
13 CROMWELL, Oliver R  21 Dec 1999Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I572030
14 DAHR, Adam D  8 Dec 2008Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I624040
15 DARR, Betty Jane  14 May 1998Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I530169
16 DEHAVEN, Alphretta  30 Aug 1953Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I345772
17 DELLINGER, Henry O  Jul 1918Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I386224
18 DICE, Eliza E  26 Feb 1916Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I576293
19 DIERDORFF, Joseph  27 Feb 1897Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I34961
20 EHRHART, Charles Raymond  Mar 1973Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I696003
21 EISENHART, Gordon Hake  23 Nov 1924Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I703084
22 ETTER, Russell E  Nov 1984Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I794281
23 EVEY, Maude L  12 Oct 1959Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I586631
24 FERREE, Joel  19 Jun 1801Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I464009
25 FERREE, John  1815Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I239392
26 FINNIFF, Christine  30 May 1960Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I574218
27 FISSEL, Jesse Howard  Feb 1939Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I932406
28 FRANCIS, Nellie Elizabeth  29 Sep 1968Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I587249
29 FRICK, Helen Clay  9 Nov 1984Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802114
30 FRICK, Henry Clay Jr.  3 Aug 1892Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802083
31 GARVER, Augustus William  22 Jun 2005Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I712961
32 GLATFELTER, Margaret B  2 Feb 1960Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I9022
33 GLOTFELTY, Charles Webster  24 Oct 1984Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006433
34 GLOTFELTY, Miles Lee  26 Feb 1966Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I44210
35 GLOTFELTY, Virginia Olive  19 Jan 1994Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I144643
36 GOLDINGER, Mildred  17 May 1991Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I191727
37 GORDON, John Wood M.D.  7 Aug 1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I478752
38 GROVE, Margaretta Jane  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I867830
39 HAUGH, Wilbur F  12 Apr 1976Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I797528
40 HEINDEL, John Henry  18 Jan 2006Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I723574
41 HOHMEYER, Wilhelmina Anna  12 Feb 1961Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1045008
42 HOKE, Drusilla May  5 Jul 2012Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I784734
43 HOKE, Gary K  7 May 2004Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I552430
44 HOUSEL, Robert Harold  6 Sep 1985Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I42158
45 HOUSEL, Robert M  11 Mar 1969Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I41968
46 HOUSER, Harriet O  21 Jan 1976Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I180788
47 HUSTON, Arthur  30 Aug 1949Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I696802
48 IRWIN, Jane  15 Dec 1825Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I593476
49 KALTREIDER, Charles Franklin  4 Dec 1933Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I722705
50 KAUFFMAN, Clara Virginia  6 Apr 1905Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I954672

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Helen W  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006438
2 Rebecca  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I280854
3 AMMAN, Charles Edward  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1047219
4 ENTERLINE, Martha Jane  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1047216
5 FERREE, Pearl C  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1047218
6 FRICK, Henry Clay  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I331199
7 FRICK, Martha Howard  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I802111
8 GLOTFELTY, Charles Webster  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006433
9 GLOTFELTY, Edwin H Sr.  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006435
10 JENKINS, Bertha  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I10724
11 LANG, Eleanor C  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006440
12 LANG, Walter George  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006441
13 MCADOO, Adam  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I280853
14 MCALLISTER, Jane  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1052765
15 MILES, Edwin  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I161438
16 ORMSBY, John  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1052766
17 SCHMIDT, Eleanor A  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1006442
18 STONER, Clarence Emanuel  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I299652
19 STRICKLER, Jacob Harold  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I388106
20 TAYLOR, Margaret  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I1062410
21 WATT, Annabelle  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I719627
22 WENGER, Raymond William  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I402482
23 WILLIAMS, Franklin Robert  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I712084


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABEL / SMAIL  20 Oct 1926Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F315387
2 ACKERMAN / REGAN  7 Feb 1887Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F393210
3 BOWER / HALDERMAN  15 Nov 1919Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F84462
4 BOYD / STEWART  Bef 1914Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F271573
5 FRICK / CHILDS  15 Dec 1881Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F138779
6 GARBRICK / CRISSMAN  3 Jan 1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F82802
7 HAFER / SLATER  1 Nov 1958Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F19979
8 KALTREIDER / MCPEAKE  28 Jun 1948Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F385973
9 KRAEER / LANGHURST  1 Oct 1913Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F120622
10 LOGUE / HENDRICKSON  20 Feb 1890Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F129149
11 MURPHY / PETERSON  28 Oct 1908Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F384022
12 RINARD / GLOTFELTY  15 Oct 1906Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F364174
13 SLOAN / STURGES  23 Jun 1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F105767
14 WELLS / HUNTER  23 Aug 1842Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F331068
15 ZIMMERMAN / REITER  27 Oct 1922Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F229046