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Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COPPINGER, James Harry  28 Dec 1919Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I223327
2 CROY, Barbara Lee  22 Apr 1929Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I124197
3 GLOTFELTER, Hal Cooper  27 Nov 1925Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I437210
4 GLOTFELTER, Hiram Gunn  22 Nov 1923Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I223318
5 HULINGS, Charles Dwight Belden  25 Dec 1899Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I244818
6 HULINGS, Margaret  14 Jan 1897Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I244817
7 JARMAN, Betty Fern  6 Feb 1922Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I381988
8 JARMAN, Ida Minerva  6 Aug 1926Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I381989
9 JARMAN, Richard Reed  23 Feb 1928Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I381990
10 LIZARRAGA, Sarah  21 Feb 1897Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I993835
11 NACE, Harry Leroy Jr.  16 Feb 1915Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I993836
12 TAYLOR, John Earl  13 Feb 1929Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I381986
13 WHITTINGTON, Shirley Jean  30 Aug 1938Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1006454


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEARD, Lula  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1076265
2 BEERY, Ruth Darleen  24 Jul 2002Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I47038
3 BENSON, Clara Abigail  10 Jul 1957Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I284080
4 BIRD, Eliza Jane  26 Sep 1945Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I292355
5 BISER, Ethel Dalene  25 Jun 1976Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I303741
6 BIXLER, Harold R Sr.  5 Apr 2014Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I845020
7 BOWANS, Mabel Augusta  6 Feb 1990Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I168384
8 BOWERS, Donna Rolfe  29 Jan 1998Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I279398
9 BOYER, Orrin Ezra  28 Aug 1960Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I9503
10 BRADY, Maude  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I51292
11 BRUNER, Earl Arthur  2 Mar 1973Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I432142
12 CARLISLE, George Milton  25 Jul 1943Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I295174
13 CARLISLE, Georgia Orena  25 Jan 1961Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I295182
14 CARLISLE, Juanita Louise  17 Jun 1978Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I295185
15 CHAPMAN, James Eugene  15 Feb 1995Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I376531
16 CHIDESTER, Earl Arthur  2 Dec 1980Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I967707
17 COCHRANE, Ruth Lorine  Apr 1984Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1006453
18 COLEMAN, Mary Louise  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I528640
19 COLSON, John Leslie  3 Jul 1994Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I310030
20 COOK, Arleigh J  20 Nov 1991Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I478630
21 CROCKER, Ina June  29 Jun 1995Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I664350
22 CRONE, Russell Kann  20 Jan 2007Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I559512
23 CULLEY, Georgia Naomi  17 Jun 1988Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I164553
24 CUMMINGS, John Marion  11 Nov 1948Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I228581
25 DAUGHERTY, Esther M  4 Jun 1970Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I539706
26 DESELMS, Donald Walter  24 Sep 1978Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I92670
27 ECKERT, Mabel Elizabeth  17 Jul 1967Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I27078
28 EDMISTEN, Grace Isabel  19 Mar 1966Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1006478
29 FILOSA, Raymond  9 Sep 1991Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1060352
30 FISHER, Keziah  19 Apr 1938Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I228580
31 GALBREATH, Louisa M  1 Feb 2001Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I230754
32 GILBERT, Dorothy J  15 Sep 1998Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I865376
33 GINGERICH, Raymond Adelbert  22 Apr 1966Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I531186
34 GLOTFELTER, Hal Cooper  25 Dec 2005Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I437210
35 GLOTFELTY, Melvin Stanley  28 May 1962Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I11138
36 GOHN, Ralph  16 Jan 1983Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I544931
37 GOLDEN, James Wilburn  15 Jun 1975Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I823971
38 GROVE, Spurgeon  1 Jan 1978Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I720995
39 GUSTIN, Orin Bennaja Sr.  21 Dec 1966Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I172721
40 HALL, John Edward  18 Feb 2006Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1027381
41 HALLS, Samuel Frederick  20 Sep 1991Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I171480
42 HANDLEY, Sylvia June  13 Feb 2013Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I809826
43 HARTMAN, Mary Jane  4 Apr 1971Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I552684
44 HARTMAN, Urbin Nerius  3 Jan 1957Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I6
45 HEAPS, Joseph Edgar Jr.  11 Dec 1995Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1048651
46 HOHNHOLZ, Constance Bertha  9 Apr 1994Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I518761
47 HUNN, David Leroy  31 Jan 1969Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I308807
48 HUTTON, Huilda E  18 Feb 1967Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1076266
49 JAMISON, Lloyd Denton  7 Aug 1995Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I360833
50 JARMAN, Betty Fern  16 Jul 1990Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I381988

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bonnie R  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1078237
2 BISER, Ethel Dalene  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I303741
3 CHIDESTER, Earl Arthur  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I967707
4 CLINGAN, Charles Lewis  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I893375
5 CLUTZ, Frank Lauritsen  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I155957
6 DAWSON, David Ronald  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I295191
7 DENNIS, Hazel Lillian  27 Oct 1960Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I152932
8 KIZER, Edith Evelyn  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I4402
9 LIZARRAGA, Sarah  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I993835
10 MILNER, Emma Agnes  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I310826
11 NACE, Harry Leroy Sr.  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I992335
12 NIXON, Harry D  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I409555
13 SHIBLEY, Eleanor Florence  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I330960
14 SMITH, Ruth Regina  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I893376
15 TRIMMER, John W Sr.  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I26428
16 WILSON, Donald B  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona I1078235


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / STANGER  24 Feb 1928Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona F153506
2 HULINGS / BELDEN  27 Apr 1895Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona F106661
3 MILLER / TELLER  8 Nov 1907Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona F394978
4 MILLETT / TAYLOR  9 Feb 1930Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona F154544
5 RABENOWITZ / CARLISLE  23 Jun 1935Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona F125391