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Oakland, Alameda, California



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNARD, Joseph Edward  5 Mar 1950Oakland, Alameda, California I270864
2 CLOTFELTER, Annette  9 Nov 1947Oakland, Alameda, California I57850
3 COMBS, Norman Urbin  6 Nov 1917Oakland, Alameda, California I332
4 GARDNER, Joanne Vivian  27 Feb 1947Oakland, Alameda, California I1015863
5 GILL, Betty Louise  23 Aug 1923Oakland, Alameda, California I59474
6 GLOTFELTY, Edward Ray  21 Jan 1923Oakland, Alameda, California I151783
7 GLOTFELTY, Marie Ellen  25 May 1916Oakland, Alameda, California I151779
8 POAGE, Kate Ruth Nethercott  1 Jul 1888Oakland, Alameda, California I568513
9 ROUSE, Glenn Frederick  26 Jul 1921Oakland, Alameda, California I569247
10 RUTHERFORD, Elouise Josephine  27 May 1933Oakland, Alameda, California I393159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 PERRY, Arthur Charles Edwin  1924Oakland, Alameda, California I1176


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWMAN, Orlando Junior  23 May 1973Oakland, Alameda, California I275852
2 CARLISLE, Milton Ford  8 Nov 1991Oakland, Alameda, California I295181
3 CARMAN, Clarence E  Sep 1972Oakland, Alameda, California I58215
4 CHASE, George Frank Sr.  13 Jan 1935Oakland, Alameda, California I393151
5 CLOTFELTER, Glenn  15 Feb 1968Oakland, Alameda, California I57791
6 CLOTFELTER, Mildred C  1945/1946Oakland, Alameda, California I57790
7 DUNCAN, Harvey Emmett  22 Jan 1977Oakland, Alameda, California I364382
8 GARDNER, Lester Oscar  5 Apr 1962Oakland, Alameda, California I1015862
9 GLOTFELTY, Arthur Franklin  2 Jul 1933Oakland, Alameda, California I151782
10 GROESBECK, Mary Elsie  13 Apr 1982Oakland, Alameda, California I487319
11 HANAUER, William Paul  30 May 1978Oakland, Alameda, California I574947
12 JOHNSON, Nancy Fielding  30 Mar 1914Oakland, Alameda, California I354164
13 MEYER, Lawrence Jefferson  17 Nov 1963Oakland, Alameda, California I252230
14 MIDDLEKAUFF, Bessie I  9 May 1972Oakland, Alameda, California I665498
15 MILLS, William McKinley Sr.  Mar 1987Oakland, Alameda, California I194396
16 MYERS, Elizabeth Ann  21 Nov 1932Oakland, Alameda, California I11
17 NEIGHBOUR, Darlene  1990Oakland, Alameda, California I311795
18 NEIGHBOUR, Jesse E  Oakland, Alameda, California I311790
19 NEWCOMER, Evelyn Loyetta  3 Jul 1957Oakland, Alameda, California I220537
20 RICE, William Seltzer  27 Aug 1963Oakland, Alameda, California I724743
21 ROWE, Dovie  Oakland, Alameda, California I57785
22 SALSTRAND, Arthur P  27 Jul 1976Oakland, Alameda, California I487323
23 STEEG, Gertrude  11 Nov 1957Oakland, Alameda, California I515354
24 STOUT, Eli Harvey  22 Nov 1925Oakland, Alameda, California I45103
25 STOVER, Paul Leslie  14 Nov 1978Oakland, Alameda, California I505309
26 STOVER, Ruth Winnegred  7 Jul 1994Oakland, Alameda, California I505310
27 STURM, Marian  Oakland, Alameda, California I212186
28 TAYLOR, Elsie Jane  24 Nov 1940Oakland, Alameda, California I393142
29 WHITE, John Lee  8 Oct 1989Oakland, Alameda, California I518654
30 WHITE, Julia Ann  17 Mar 1900Oakland, Alameda, California I518572
31 YOUNG, Herman Sylvester  28 Aug 1956Oakland, Alameda, California I1048377
32 ZURSBY, Leroy  15 May 1984Oakland, Alameda, California I385826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HEPFER, Randall Hershey  Oakland, Alameda, California I254444


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MORRIS / MAPES  Nov 1925Oakland, Alameda, California F29456
2 O'MELVENY / MIDDLEKAUFF  Abt 1924Oakland, Alameda, California F159964
3 PRICE /   29 Apr 1923Oakland, Alameda, California F97621
4 RUTHERFORD / CHASE  3 Dec 1932Oakland, Alameda, California F159072
5 SECHRIST / OLSON  31 Aug 1945Oakland, Alameda, California F274602
6 WHITE / AMBLER  17 Jul 1938Oakland, Alameda, California F203064
7 WITTER / LA MOTTE  2 Aug 1920Oakland, Alameda, California F110662