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Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, Doyt William  22 Aug 1937Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I687671
2 ABERNATHY, Lillie  29 Jan 1889Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I143602
3 BELL, Fred Burns  13 Apr 1904Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104196
4 FARRAR, Roscoe Conklin  21 Aug 1880Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I105284
5 FEATHERSTON, John Boyd  21 May 1906Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I415757
6 FULBRIGHT, Linda Ann  14 Mar 1945Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I871871
7 GODFREY, Patricia Anne  19 Jul 1933Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I367348
8 GREENE, Bobby Maynard  16 Nov 1925Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282006
9 HOLLAND, Lewis Melvin  30 Aug 1925Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I1008213
10 KINCAID, Robert Gene  5 Jul 1934Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I871242
11 LAY, Mary Lucile  16 Feb 1925Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I127749
12 LEONHARDT, Joseph Hand  24 Feb 1920Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I357999
13 LEONHARDT, Vivian Pearl  12 Feb 1883Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104134
14 LINEBERGER, Susan Julia  16 May 1854Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I97851
15 PHILLIPS, Margaret Bostic  19 Nov 1920Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I126189
16 RAGAN, Daniel Pierce Sr.  23 Mar 1892Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I105244
17 RAGAN, Jefferson Alonzo  25 Oct 1894Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I105243
18 RANKIN, Bennie Vivian  18 Mar 1915Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I242000
19 RANKIN, Eugene Malcomb  17 Aug 1922Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I242025
20 RANKIN, George Harold  13 Aug 1926Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I852572
21 RANKIN, Larkin Edgar  10 Feb 1870Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104138
22 RHYNE, Rose Emma  12 Nov 1922Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I105193
23 ROBERTS, Joseph Carl  Abt 1908Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I774321
24 ROBINSON, Virginia Hand  13 Jun 1886Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104125
25 STROUP, Joyce Ann  15 Jan 1932Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I767067
26 STROUP, Lucille Ann  22 Oct 1913Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I319472
27 STROUPE, Betty Esther  5 May 1926Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I751698
28 STROUPE, Mazel R  22 Jun 1909Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I437209
29 TEAGUE, Eula Mae  8 Nov 1922Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I449270
30 TEAGUE, Oscar Brittain  3 Oct 1886Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I449264
31 USERY, Sammy Douglas  2 May 1933Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I922373


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, Morris Laben Jr.  8 Dec 2007Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I543315
2 ACHTERKIRCH, Lloyd Mather  16 Feb 1985Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I736352
3 ARMSTRONG, Minnie J  18 Oct 1982Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I587085
4 ARMSTRONG, Miriam Elizabeth  2 Jun 1935Lowell, Gaston, North carolina I754877
5 BROWN, Joseph Brevard  6 Jun 2008Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I1012663
6 CARPENTER, Charles Clifford Jr.  28 Nov 1989Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I213317
7 CARPENTER, Daniel Goodman  13 Jul 1989Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I367159
8 CASH, James R Sr.  6 Feb 1996Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I547541
9 CLONINGER, Calvin Jackson  7 Jan 2018Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I411492
10 CLONINGER, Clifford Edwin  Nov 1968Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I592894
11 COBB, Emily Ruth  1 Jul 1991Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I767066
12 COX, James Coit  7 Jan 1997Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I852177
13 CREWS, Elmer  21 Dec 2011Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I106396
14 DAGENHART, Edna L  9 Dec 1978Lowell, Gaston, North carolina I1075295
15 DIXON, Arson Herbert  4 Jan 1996Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I547543
16 DIXON, Harold Dean  28 Mar 1981Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I588849
17 DIXON, Rev. Ted Rogers  24 Jun 2008Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I588839
18 EDDLEMAN, John Holland  28 Oct 2008Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I133648
19 FIELDS, Ruby Lee  17 Oct 2003Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I334300
20 FULBRIGHT, James Crawford  11 May 1981Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I871866
21 GREENE, Bobby Maynard  7 Jul 1995Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282006
22 GREENE, Minor Clarence  4 Mar 1991Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I99641
23 GREGORY, Nell  15 Nov 2006Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I499795
24 HAND, Charles Lineberger  27 Dec 1998Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I996571
25 HAND, Samuel Jasper Sr.  4 Jul 1969Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I96379
26 HARTNESS, Luther Edgar  2 Jun 1978Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I1090274
27 HELTON, Annie  11 Oct 1984Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I448592
28 HOFFMAN, Early Fred Jr.  22 Aug 2005Lowell, Gaston, North carolina I357692
29 HOOPER, Emily Elise  23 Nov 1989Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I876297
30 HOVIS, George Francis  21 Jan 1947Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I102463
31 HUDSON, Joseph Richard  Dec 1981Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I133653
32 HUFFSTETLER, Henry Lee  2 Oct 1945Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282062
33 JENKINS, Joseph William Sr.  28 Dec 1996Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I107218
34 JENKINS, Mary  Jan 1985Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I378083
35 JOHNSON, Belle  30 May 1990Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I1044380
36 JOHNSON, Mary Ann  2 Aug 2016Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I626223
37 KEE, Lillian Ida  8 Jun 1980Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I852567
38 LEONHARDT, Vivian Pearl  15 Oct 1950Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104134
39 LINEBERGER, Sylvia  29 Dec 1983Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I625568
40 LUTZ, Harold  16 Oct 1996Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I468561
41 MAUNEY, Cora E  18 May 1970Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I290104
42 MOSLEY, Marshall Douglas  24 Aug 1943Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I592851
43 MURPHY, Virginia Robinson  17 Nov 2005Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I133647
44 NICHOLS, Harold Dean  29 Oct 2007Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I540768
45 O'DELL, Lilla Dean  4 Nov 1969Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I439310
46 OATES, Ruth Louise  3 Nov 1972Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I353763
47 PARKER, Laura Jane  24 May 1935Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I1029574
48 PARKER, Nancy Sue  23 Sep 2014Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I871232
49 PAYNE, Lewis  9 Mar 2008Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I676624
50 PERKINS, Ceiphus Pickney  21 Dec 1919Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I1029573

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ACHTERKIRCH, Lloyd Mather  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I736352
2 BARRETT, Harley Ray  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I522658
3 BELL, Julia  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104219
4 BELL, William Edward  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104221
5 BELL, William Henry  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I132667
6 CALDWELL, Boyce  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I486235
7 CLEMMER, Andrew Jackson  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101581
8 CLEMMER, Charles Ray  Lowell, Gaston, North carolina I101385
9 CLEMMER, Clara Edith  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101567
10 CLEMMER, Edna  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101566
11 CLEMMER, Ella May  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101569
12 CLEMMER, Julia Ann  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101607
13 CLONINGER, Vivian Irene  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I922365
14 COX, Bessie  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I317347
15 COX, Catherine J  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I317341
16 COX, Edgar Ross  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101439
17 COX, Garnett McLean  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I317350
18 COX, George Thomas  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101437
19 COX, James Alburtus  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I101598
20 COX, John Thomas  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I317345
21 COX, Lela S  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I852175
22 COX, Martha Lucille  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I852189
23 DILLING, Margaret Jane  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I317340
24 DILLING, Mary Frances  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I317352
25 DIXON, Hal  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I304681
26 EDDLEMAN, John Holland  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I133648
27 ELMORE, Ive Mae  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I580985
28 FALLS, Anna Mabel  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104136
29 FLOYD, Curtis Elmore  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282037
30 FLOYD, Velma Catherine  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282038
31 GREENE, Lee  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282083
32 GREENE, Mable Catherine  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282036
33 GREENE, Philo Jonas  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I99699
34 GREENE, William R  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I282059
35 GUINN, Elvey Odessa  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104212
36 HAND, Carl Holland  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104143
37 HAND, Charles Lineberger  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I996571
38 HAND, Cora Lee  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104150
39 HAND, Ida Jackson  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104149
40 HAND, Jasper Kennedy  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104145
41 HAND, Martha  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I517626
42 HAND, Parks Wilson  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I96386
43 HAND, Robert Falls  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I517627
44 HAND, Samuel Jasper Sr.  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I96379
45 HEAVENER, Robert Paul  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I994319
46 INABINET, Caroline Elizabeth  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104187
47 INGLE, Ada May  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I119613
48 INGLE, Robert Lee  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I119612
49 JENKINS, Clifton Brown  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I304678
50 JENKINS, David A  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina I104211

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BELL / JENKINS  13 Dec 1894Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina F50257
2 DUMONT / LINEBERGER  24 Sep 1879Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina F46619
3 HUFFSTETLER / GREENE  5 Sep 1934Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina F120596
4 PERKINS / GROVES  Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina F59843
5 RANKIN / BAKER  3 Jul 1937Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina F105572
6 RHODES / LOWRY  8 Nov 1924Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina F44948