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Live Oak, Sutter, California



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CATLEDGE, Marvin Ervin  29 Sep 1915Live Oak, Sutter, California I38581
2 HARTMAN  16 Jan 1936Live Oak, Sutter, California I301
3 HARTMAN, Alfred Earl  31 Jan 1917Live Oak, Sutter, California I323
4 HARTMAN, Dennis Melvin  11 Jan 1921Live Oak, Sutter, California I297
5 HARTMAN, Edwin Harold  21 Nov 1924Live Oak, Sutter, California I64
6 HARTMAN, Eleanor M  25 Jan 1916Live Oak, Sutter, California I312
7 HARTMAN, Elvin Sylvanus  6 Oct 1920Live Oak, Sutter, California I325
8 HARTMAN, Elvira Elizabeth  20 Mar 1923Live Oak, Sutter, California I296
9 HARTMAN, Ernest Obed  19 Mar 1915Live Oak, Sutter, California I294
10 HARTMAN, Francis Edward  4 Apr 1919Live Oak, Sutter, California I288
11 HARTMAN, Kenneth Irving  6 Jan 1919Live Oak, Sutter, California I324
12 HARTMAN, Lillian Ferne  12 May 1928Live Oak, Sutter, California I299
13 HARTMAN, Maurice Benoni  6 Feb 1913Live Oak, Sutter, California I321
14 HARTMAN, Norman Vernon  11 Feb 1915Live Oak, Sutter, California I322
15 HARTMAN, Vesta Elizabeth  27 Jan 1912Live Oak, Sutter, California I327
16 HARTMAN, Rev. Wilbert Richard  17 Mar 1925Live Oak, Sutter, California I298


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE VILBISS, Virginia Louise  25 Mar 2010Live Oak, Sutter, California I289
2 DUPRAS, Edmond Anthony  2000Live Oak, Sutter, California I223112
3 GAUNT, Greg O  19 Mar 1988Live Oak, Sutter, California I558455
4 HARTMAN, Dennis Melvin  3 Feb 1939Live Oak, Sutter, California I297
5 HARTMAN, Elvira Elizabeth  7 Nov 1923Live Oak, Sutter, California I296
6 HARTMAN, Peter Simon  6 May 1922Live Oak, Sutter, California I10
7 WHITLOCK, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1960Live Oak, Sutter, California I48


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Nettie O  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558450
2 Ruby I  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558453
3 CATLEDGE, Frank Alfred  Live Oak, Sutter, California I50
4 CATLEDGE, George A  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558444
5 CATLEDGE, James A  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558442
6 CATLEDGE, Julia E  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558448
7 CATLEDGE, Willie A  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558446
8 DENNEY, Lloyd George  Live Oak, Sutter, California I350149
9 EDWARDS, Edna Frances  19 Dec 1959Live Oak, Sutter, California I53
10 GAUNT, Anna Belle  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558463
11 GAUNT, Charles Francis  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558452
12 GAUNT, Elizabeth Opal  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558460
13 GAUNT, Greg O  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558455
14 HARTMAN, Ada Simon  Live Oak, Sutter, California I314
15 HARTMAN, Alfred Earl  Live Oak, Sutter, California I323
16 HARTMAN, Dennis Melvin  Live Oak, Sutter, California I297
17 HARTMAN, Elvin Sylvanus  Live Oak, Sutter, California I325
18 HARTMAN, Elvira Elizabeth  Live Oak, Sutter, California I296
19 HARTMAN, Mabel Vera  Live Oak, Sutter, California I320
20 HARTMAN, Melvin Lewis  30 Mar 1962Live Oak, Sutter, California I20
21 HARTMAN, Nora Bell  Live Oak, Sutter, California I315
22 HARTMAN, Norman Vernon  Live Oak, Sutter, California I322
23 HARTMAN, Peter Simon  8 May 1922Live Oak, Sutter, California I10
24 HARTMAN, Peter Sylvanus  23 Sep 1966Live Oak, Sutter, California I15
25 HARTMAN, Rev. Wilbert Richard  Live Oak, Sutter, California I298
26 HIGGINS, Ervin  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558465
27 MYERS, Elizabeth Ann  24 Nov 1932Live Oak, Sutter, California I11
28 ROLLINS, Esther Pauline  Live Oak, Sutter, California I558456
29 SHREVES, Kenneth James  Live Oak, Sutter, California I371
30 VARNEY, Grace Geneva  Live Oak, Sutter, California I373
31 WHITLOCK, Elizabeth  Live Oak, Sutter, California I48


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CATLEDGE / DODSON  7 Nov 1937Live Oak, Sutter, California F20780
2 HARTMAN / EDWARDS  15 Jun 1924Live Oak, Sutter, California F32