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Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FARLOW, Doris May  Oct 1920Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I252577
2 FARLOW, Fonda Anita  8 Apr 1916Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I252579
3 FARLOW, Marjorie Alice  3 Mar 1915Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I252578
4 KEAGY, George Henry  4 Sep 1891Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153301
5 LEWIS, Mark Grant  30 Jun 1847Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152879
6 LEWIS, Mary Minnie  15 Feb 1871Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153932
7 WERKING, Charles Ellsworth  24 Feb 1869Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153104
8 WERKING, Susan Emma  8 Nov 1866Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153103
9 WOOLARD, Barbara Ellen  14 Nov 1914Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153483
10 WOOLARD, Hilda Rebecca  25 Sep 1906Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRANDT, Amos George  7 Jul 1918Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I469443
2 BROWN, Oliver Washington  1923Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153408
3 FEWELL, Alice S  7 Jul 1932Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152826
4 GLATFELTER, Melvin H  1953Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I5223
5 HOOVER, Laurence Werking  13 Feb 1963Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153268
6 HUTCHINSON, Jacob  13 Oct 1966Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152950
7 KEAGY, Henry Werking  7 Mar 1938Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153285
8 MAHONEY, George G  17 Dec 1935Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153345
9 ROWE, Anna Mariah  1954Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153407
10 ROWE, Caroline  21 Dec 1923Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152831
11 ROWE, Christena  22 May 1912Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152830
12 RYDER, Mary Belle  1958Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153178
13 SCHMUCK, Aaron  13 Oct 1898Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I187159
14 SCHMUCK, Eli  1949Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I189570
15 SCHMUCK, Jacob  2 Oct 1890Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I187169
16 SCHMUCK, Mary Jane  Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I190251
17 TURNER, Elizabeth  3 Sep 1905Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I190261
18 ULRICH, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1892Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I252561
19 WERKING, Dean Richard  12 May 1991Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152861
20 WERKING, Floyd  2 Nov 1977Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153219
21 WERKING, Martin M  5 Apr 1903Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152829
22 WERKING, Richard R  24 Oct 1955Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152825
23 WERKING, Susan Emma  26 Jan 1965Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153103
24 WERKINGER, Christina  18 Apr 1906Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152884
25 WOOLARD, Aaron Sr.  25 Apr 1925Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153017
26 WOOLARD, Clinton E  27 Jun 1943Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Oliver Washington  1923Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153408
2 DAVIS, Josephine I  19 Jan 1962Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153164
3 MCSHIRLEY, Richard  Apr 1931Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153165
4 MCSHIRLEY, Robert E  Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153409
5 ROWE, Anna Mariah  1954Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153407
6 SCHMUCK, Jacob  Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I187169
7 TURNER, Elizabeth  Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I190261
8 WERKING, Dean Richard  May 1991Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152861
9 WERKING, Ella Pearl  Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153160
10 WERKING, George E  Sep 1923Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I152834
11 WERKING, Martin O  Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana I153157


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KEAGY / TEETOR  10 Dec 1885Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana F71456