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Fresno, Fresno, California



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FORNEY, Beverly Jean  3 Mar 1924Fresno, Fresno, California I569246
2 HUFFMAN, Gary Eugene  8 Nov 1937Fresno, Fresno, California I282848
3 MILLER, Wanda Lee  16 Aug 1927Fresno, Fresno, California I667381
4 PUTERBAUGH, Ruth Ewing  15 Dec 1893Fresno, Fresno, California I665662
5 WILLS, Christine Marie  25 Jun 1970Fresno, Fresno, California I132156


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABRAMS, Glen Willard  15 Sep 1978Fresno, Fresno, California I168772
2 ABRAMS, John Sanford  15 Sep 1978Fresno, Fresno, California I168774
3 BACON, Margaret A  5 Aug 1917Fresno, Fresno, California I227623
4 BLAKE, Harold  DECEASEDFresno, Fresno, California I326015
5 BONNIE, Eva  Fresno, Fresno, California I416365
6 BUCKBEE, Harriet  DECEASEDFresno, Fresno, California I322096
7 BUETTNER, Stanley H  5 Sep 2013Fresno, Fresno, California I1023721
8 CARPENTER, James Thomas  1949Fresno, Fresno, California I349367
9 CARPENTER, Robert Thompson  Jul 1942Fresno, Fresno, California I349370
10 CATLEDGE, Clifford Clarence Sr.  29 Apr 1982Fresno, Fresno, California I13402
11 CLARK, Frank  20 Apr 1998Fresno, Fresno, California I1015860
12 CLOTFELTER, Hugh C  17 Feb 1966Fresno, Fresno, California I162872
13 DICK, Rev. Jacob Trostle  Sep 1977Fresno, Fresno, California I155372
14 DUNHAM, Edith Elnora  2 Feb 1976Fresno, Fresno, California I1015849
15 DUNHAM, Robert Sumner  29 Jan 1956Fresno, Fresno, California I1009881
16 DUNHAM, William Emery  21 Aug 1964Fresno, Fresno, California I1009884
17 FULLER, Ellen  21 Oct 1944Fresno, Fresno, California I55528
18 GADDY, Basil Harriman  14 Aug 1995Fresno, Fresno, California I376035
19 GARDNER, Helen Bell  9 Apr 1997Fresno, Fresno, California I409358
20 GIVENS, Joseph James  10 Feb 1984Fresno, Fresno, California I31675
21 GROVE, Barbara Grace  20 Mar 2010Fresno, Fresno, California I1023720
22 HALE, Jennie Elizabeth  8 Jun 1995Fresno, Fresno, California I31674
23 HARTMAN, Deputy Alphius Murray  25 Feb 1973Fresno, Fresno, California I1231
24 HARTMAN, Gene Myrlen  11 Apr 2018Fresno, Fresno, California I543997
25 KECK, Nanber Nettie  6 Jun 1949Fresno, Fresno, California I196770
26 KILE, Wilma Faye  9 Nov 1992Fresno, Fresno, California I168051
27 KNIGHT, William Alma  6 Sep 1943Fresno, Fresno, California I44770
28 LOOP, Fred L  2 Dec 1956Fresno, Fresno, California I291425
29 MCFARLAND, Earl Benson  21 Jan 1965Fresno, Fresno, California I591145
30 MILLER, Julian Seibert  12 Mar 1976Fresno, Fresno, California I220507
31 MILLER, Wanda Lee  15 Aug 1954Fresno, Fresno, California I667381
32 MOTE, Cora Alene  2 Jul 1996Fresno, Fresno, California I193365
33 NEITZERT, Hannah Pauline  Aug 1944Fresno, Fresno, California I349432
34 PEFFLEY, John Harrison  21 Jun 1933Fresno, Fresno, California I257604
35 PETERS, Katherine Ann  6 Jan 2010Fresno, Fresno, California I543998
36 PETTIT, Martha Anna  1950Fresno, Fresno, California I349377
37 RHYNE, Edward James  9 Dec 1980Fresno, Fresno, California I278581
38 RIEMAN, Henry E  28 Feb 1919Fresno, Fresno, California I695727
39 ROTHROCK, Josephine Margaret  10 Feb 2002Fresno, Fresno, California I163431
40 RUDISILL, Victor John  25 Dec 1952Fresno, Fresno, California I431610
41 SHERICK, Naomi Louise  16 Sep 1959Fresno, Fresno, California I424742
42 SMITH, Ella Hattie  21 Nov 1932Fresno, Fresno, California I1009883
43 STOUFFER, Leona  Oct 1981Fresno, Fresno, California I593707
44 STRATES, Kostatenos (Gust)  27 Apr 1980Fresno, Fresno, California I62072
45 STURM, Bertha Evelyn  24 Sep 1986Fresno, Fresno, California I212264
46 TRACEY, Charles C  13 Dec 1971Fresno, Fresno, California I975385
47 TUCKER, Geneva Fay  10 Jan 1982Fresno, Fresno, California I395609
48 UPSON, Elda Marian  27 Jun 1957Fresno, Fresno, California I164517
49 WILHELM, Marilyn Lea  1 Mar 2013Fresno, Fresno, California I775607
50 WILSON, Kenneth  9 Jun 1992Fresno, Fresno, California I397919


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DUNHAM, Jessie Matilda  Fresno, Fresno, California I1015854
2 FULLER, Ellen  Fresno, Fresno, California I55528
3 LANDIS, Minnie Leona  Fresno, Fresno, California I45
4 RHYNE, Walter Eli  Fresno, Fresno, California I99952
5 RUDISILL, Victor John  Fresno, Fresno, California I431610
6 SHORT, Truman E  Fresno, Fresno, California I1015859
7 SLAVENS, Bertie Solomon  Fresno, Fresno, California I60584
8 STURM, Bertha Evelyn  Fresno, Fresno, California I212264
9 WILSON, Harry James  Fresno, Fresno, California I33237


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AKERS / CLOTFELTER  3 May 1909Fresno, Fresno, California F75203
2 CLOTFELTER / SIMS  1 Feb 1908Fresno, Fresno, California F75202
3 FANNING / SHERICK  10 Mar 1919Fresno, Fresno, California F170856
4 FINIFROCK / PUTERBAUGH  3 Nov 1942Fresno, Fresno, California F255739
5 HUNT / APPLEGATE  11 Oct 1920Fresno, Fresno, California F80350
6 MILLER / TUCKER  14 Aug 1925Fresno, Fresno, California F97728