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Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURNITE, David Clark Jr.  30 Sep 1919Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I523720
2 FULLER, Eleanor Louisa  1 Jul 1921Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I895300
3 GEARHART, Margaret  29 Aug 1814Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I40936
4 GEARHART, Mary Ann  9 Jul 1816Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I41103
5 HERSHEY, Mary Alice  Feb 1869Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I451255
6 LECHTHALER, Augustus Oswald  24 Apr 1842Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1071210
7 MESSENGER, Amelia Gearhart  20 Aug 1837Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I629933
8 PEIFER, Flora A  Oct 1866Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I545880
9 RUDY, Elizabeth M  23 Jul 1925Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1012627
10 SCHMIDT, Mildred E  19 Jun 1919Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I932350
11 SEIDEL, Howard Stanley  Abt 1897Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I999051
12 SOWERS, Herbert Allan  20 Sep 1908Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I625462


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABEL, Carrie Jane  9 Jan 2010Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I838302
2 BAILEY, Charles Arthur  17 Aug 2006Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1062402
3 BERNSTEIN, David  1 May 2010Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I892002
4 BRENNEMAN, Linda E  29 Apr 1997Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I461117
5 BURRIS, Gerald Calvin  23 Jul 1992Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I182186
6 CARPENTER, Ethel N  29 Dec 1991Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I138819
7 CLOTFELTER, Larry D Reichenbach  3 Nov 2016Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I995447
8 CONFER, Alton Parker  10 Aug 1989Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I185621
9 DEATRICK, Kenneth Wilbur  23 May 2016Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I976746
10 DUNCAN, Irvin W  8 Apr 1978Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1002285
11 ECKLEY, Dolores G  4 Jan 1999Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I184654
12 EMINHIZER, Mary Alice  11 Mar 1964Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I181297
13 FOGLEMAN, Conrad  24 Apr 1893Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I186975
14 GEARHART, Jacob  9 Dec 1850Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I40893
15 GROSS, Katy  20 Oct 1931Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I548645
16 HILLARD, Robert W  11 Feb 1947Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I186400
17 HOFF, Mary Margaret  8 Mar 1936Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1004934
18 HOGENDOUBLER, Margaret  30 Jan 1971Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1081375
19 HOUSEL, Amelia  11 Oct 1836Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I40879
20 HOUSER, Anna Elizabeth  9 Jan 1924Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I186552
21 JORDAN, Fae C  4 Jan 2007Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I555331
22 JOSEPH, Julia J  14 Feb 1998Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I557916
23 KINLEY, Crawford Clair  12 Jun 1991Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I138715
24 LAUER, Charles Henry B  10 Sep 1941Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1016256
25 LEATHERS, John William  26 Apr 1934Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I582351
26 METZ, Barbara Ann  5 Feb 2016Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I784464
27 MUTHLER, Glenn E  29 Jul 1973Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I177871
28 REICHENBACH, Naomi G  5 Apr 2015Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I995439
29 RUNKLE, Robert L Jr.  22 Nov 2012Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1010258
30 SEAGER, Debra  5 Sep 2019Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I612538
31 SHINGLE, Susannah D  15 Oct 1856Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1052613
32 SNIDER, David  22 Jul 1988Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I203162
33 SOWERS, Herbert Allan  1 Dec 1911Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I625462
34 SPROUL, Harvey K  25 May 1996Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I187038
35 STEWART, Fred Shaffer  22 Jan 1993Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1004962
36 SWARTZ, Daniel Jerome  1 Jun 1936Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1005036
37 TATE, Scott W  18 Jun 1978Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I178806
38 TAYLOR, Richard C  1 Apr 1976Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I178624
39 TRESSLER, Daniel Charles  7 Jan 1946Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I177315
40 UREY, Caleb M  9 Feb 1977Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I543531
41 UREY, Caleb M  9 Feb 1977Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I966751
42 WARING, Frederic Malcolm  29 Jul 1984Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I142486
43 WHITELEATHER, John William  Nov 1931Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1005019


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CORNELISON, Martha Jane  Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1005062
2 HOVIS, John William  Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I429896
3 PURSEL, James Madden  Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1005061
4 SHELHART, Harriet Frances  Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania I1005009


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURKINS / BURGER  23 Mar 1939Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania F212411