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Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catharine  24 Apr 1800Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I750267
2 ABEL, Velma Lucretia  30 Nov 1912Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I548928
3 AKINS, Alice M  Abt 1866Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I532163
4 AKINS, Levi D  10 Nov 1862Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I532161
5 AKINS, Lydia A  Abt 1871Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I532164
6 AKINS, Mary Alice  7 May 1905Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I532229
7 AKINS, Theodore  1864Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I532162
8 ALLOWAY, Thomas I  7 Jul 1837Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I741016
9 AMSPACKER, Martha Ann  22 Jun 1870Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I673106
10 ANDERSON, Alice Jennette  30 Aug 1882Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I703310
11 ANDERSON, Dorothy S  29 Jan 1909Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I805654
12 ANDERSON, Gladys I  1 Dec 1925Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I805652
13 ANDERSON, James D M Jr.  9 Apr 1854Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I703308
14 ANDERSON, John M  21 Aug 1865Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I803094
15 ANDERSON, Mary Pauline  19 Aug 1911Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I646477
16 ANDERSON, Myrtle Ellen Rosetta  22 Oct 1900Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I539937
17 ANDERSON, Wiley Thomas  27 Jan 1893Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I792759
18 ANDERSON, Wilson W  7 Oct 1881Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I913173
19 ANDREWS, Elizabeth M  1 Dec 1872Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I624694
20 ARNOLD, Adam  3 Mar 1799Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I725357
21 ARNOLD, Amanda  27 Oct 1856Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I530987
22 ARNOLD, Catharine  Abt 1805Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I775528
23 ARNOLD, Elizabeth Ann  1861Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I531000
24 ARNOLD, Elizabeth Mary  1 Apr 1865Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I559030
25 ARNOLD, Elmer Clayton  11 Apr 1885Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I738208
26 ARNOLD, Emma M  25 Oct 1914Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I752380
27 ARNOLD, Evelyn M  10 Jul 1921Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I706961
28 ARNOLD, Felma M  11 Feb 1909Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I738209
29 ARNOLD, Henry L Sr.  25 Jun 1914Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I749575
30 ARNOLD, John II  4 Sep 1792Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I775529
31 ARNOLD, Maggie  Sep 1875Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I737464
32 ARNOLD, Martin H  Dec 1883Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I737463
33 ARNOLD, Mary  Abt 1834Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I722984
34 ARNOLD, Michael S  18 Mar 1797Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I778897
35 ARNOLD, Naomi I  7 Nov 1917Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I749550
36 ARNOLD, Nelson Leroy  20 Mar 1916Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I743860
37 ARNOLD, Reba Agness  6 May 1908Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I752384
38 ARNOLD, Richard G  2 Apr 1933Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I703030
39 ARNOLD, Sarah Martha  22 Sep 1890Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I717067
40 BACON, Dorothy Evelyn  16 Apr 1916Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I812921
41 BACON, Elsie E  12 Nov 1912Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I712788
42 BACON, Malcolm Blouse  19 May 1912Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I635381
43 BACON, Ray E  13 Apr 1920Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I712791
44 BADDERS, William Henry  30 Sep 1872Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I571867
45 BARBOUR, Evelyn M  2 Jun 1925Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I552893
46 BARSHINGER, George  22 May 1767Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I717065
47 BARTON, Alice Ann  24 Feb 1836Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I938932
48 BARTON, Aquila Elijah  11 Aug 1845Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I938929
49 BARTON, Francis Cloman  3 Jun 1849Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I556370
50 BARTON, Hannah Martin  6 Mar 1851Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I938942

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CURRAN, William Henry  30 Jul 1881Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I757063
2 EDGER, Ann  12 Mar 1780Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I792297
3 EDGER, Joseph  11 Sep 1774Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I792293
4 EDGER, William  4 Aug 1776Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I792295
5 FISHEL, Mary Alice  7 Oct 1866Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I571310
6 GEMMILL, Claudie Samuel  2 Apr 1897Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I743856
7 GEMMILL, Joseph David  2 Apr 1897Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I743871
8 GIPE, Anna Margaret  21 Oct 1787Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I808132
9 GIPE, Jacob Jr.  14 Jul 1793Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I808136
10 GRAFF, Isaac  9 Aug 1778Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I750379
11 HAKE, Jacob W  8 Aug 1869Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I876727
12 HAKE, Milton William  10 May 1884Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I876718
13 HAUER, Martin  1806Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I797437
14 HAUGH, Albert Wesley  18 Nov 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I709276
15 HAUGH, Ella Nora  18 Nov 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I464246
16 HAUGH, George H  7 Jul 1822Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I677286
17 HAUGH, Harvey Josiah  18 Nov 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I709279
18 HAUGH, Lizzie Jane  18 Nov 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I709281
19 HAUGH, Martin Eugene  3 Aug 1880Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I820216
20 HAUGH, Minnie Elsie  18 Nov 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I709280
21 HAUGH, Sarah Martha  18 Nov 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I709278
22 HAUGH, Tillie Lillie  18 Nov 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I709277
23 HEFFNER, Emma May  29 Sep 1881Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I650927
24 LUTZ, Chester Livingston  13 Oct 1900Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I977174
25 LUTZ, John Samuel  13 Oct 1900Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I977173
26 LUTZ, Louis William  26 Oct 1901Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I753322
27 LUTZ, Mary Edith  5 May 1906Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I753327
28 MCSHERRY, Elwood Pierce  16 Sep 1880Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I139066
29 MCSHERRY, George Franklin  16 Sep 1880Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I787807
30 MCSHERRY, Joseph Charles  16 Sep 1880Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I787806
31 MILLER, Elizabeth Priscilla  11 Feb 1867Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I541034
32 MITZEL, Cynthia Pearl  15 Jan 1916Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I540687
33 MUNDORFF, Christian  30 Jun 1816Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I785833
34 MYERS, Jakob  17 May 1792Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I869534
35 REHEARD, John Goldie  2 Jul 1921Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I538676
36 RUSSELL, Elmer  25 Jan 1895Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I540686
37 RUSSELL, Geary Otho  21 Jul 1916Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I540685
38 RUSSELL, Sadie Arnetta  22 Feb 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I571902
39 SAWMILLER, Andrew Annias  20 Jul 1817Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I765544
40 SAWMILLER, Daniel  5 Mar 1823Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I765593
41 SAWMILLER, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1821Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I765592
42 SCHMELTZER, Maria Barbara  8 Apr 1777Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I545140
43 SECHRIST, Mary Jane  25 Dec 1891Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I461129
44 SMELTZER, Johan George Sr.  17 Aug 1782Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I455464
45 THOMPSON, Archibald Purdy Sr.  26 Mar 1788Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I752625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catharina  1899Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I725001
2 Mary L  7 Jan 1911Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I753316
3 ANDERSON, Isaac James  1873Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I677881
4 ANDERSON, James D M Jr.  14 Aug 1908Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I703308
5 ANDERSON, James M Sr.  19 Feb 1901Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I651197
6 ANDERSON, Wilbur Henry  Sep 1986Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I867760
7 ANDREWS, Jane  18 Jul 1875Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I741590
8 ANSTEIN, Heinrich  1819Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I336062
9 ARNOLD, Johannes  Abt 1808Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I775649
10 ARNOLD, John Sr.  1845Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I778894
11 ARNOLD, John II  1861Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I775529
12 ARNOLD, Mary  8 Mar 1912Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I722984
13 ARNOLD, Michael  Abt 1838Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I778896
14 ARNOLD, Michael S  3 Oct 1871Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I778897
15 BADDERS, Debroah Catherine  9 Apr 1895Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I675677
16 BADDERS, Nancy Agnes  11 Jan 1903Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I672957
17 BAILEY, Eva Barbara  Abt 1871Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I454264
18 BARSHINGER, George  6 Feb 1839Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I717065
19 BAUGHER, Susannah  21 Apr 1814Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I675629
20 BAY, Sarah Jane  1905Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I675611
21 BEAVERSON, Lydia Elizabeth  22 Feb 1900Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I709262
22 BEAVERSON, Susanna Mary  27 Feb 1914Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I677287
23 BECK, Eliza  18 Jun 1893Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I723922
24 BECK, Eliza  18 Jun 1893Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I751680
25 BERKHEISER, William Henry  16 May 1936Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I990901
26 BLANCK, Anna Maria  13 Mar 1819Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I808100
27 BLOUSE, Catharine  Mar 1923Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I669727
28 BLOUSE, Clara J  1879Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I1003807
29 BLOUSE, Daniel Franklin  23 Sep 1857Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I892143
30 BLOUSE, Elizabeth Olive  16 Oct 1891Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I601383
31 BLOUSE, Harry S  1962Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I753460
32 BLOUSE, Henrietta  5 Aug 1887Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I721675
33 BLOUSE, Henry  1835Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I714174
34 BLOUSE, Johan Jacob  4 Mar 1868Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I671903
35 BLOUSE, Maria Barbara  3 Apr 1873Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I524176
36 BLOUSE, Solomon Porter  16 Sep 1857Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I892144
37 BLOUSE, Susan  12 Apr 1883Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I533541
38 BOWMAN, Mary Jane  29 Nov 2003Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I889521
39 BOYD, Maude Ellen  31 Jul 1990Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I753314
40 BROWN, Joseph Adam Sr.  18 Mar 1909Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I677450
41 BUCKINGHAM, Mary Emma  22 Feb 1886Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I650784
42 BURKHOLDER, Abraham  Mar 1776Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I13755
43 BURKHOLDER, Abraham Sr.  9 Jun 1798Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I735700
44 BURKHOLDER, Christian  1808Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I775958
45 CARMAN, Mary Louise  1993Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I539951
46 CHALFANT, Minnie Rebecca  14 Nov 1941Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I676610
47 CHANDLEE, Ellis  25 Jun 1816Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I757686
48 COEYMAN, Violet Miriam  6 Jul 1999Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I688709
49 COLLINS, David  26 Mar 1828Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I876612
50 COLLINS, Jane Ann  3 May 1904Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I676467

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Angelina  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I802751
2 Annie E  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I850631
3 Annie Mary  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I744079
4 Annie V  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I885566
5 Barbara E  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I712045
6 Catharina  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I725001
7 Catherine  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I677382
8 Catherine  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I743987
9 Christian  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I727304
10 Comfort  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I817108
11 Elenor  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I875335
12 Elizabeth  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I778861
13 Elizabeth  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I849538
14 Ella E  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I759804
15 Grace  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I876890
16 Hannah A  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I990379
17 Lydia  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I765528
18 M Fern  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I883987
19 Margaretta C  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I918805
20 Maria  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I775964
21 Mary  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I850396
22 Mary Ann  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I545131
23 Mary Caroline  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I802909
24 Mary L  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I753316
25 Melissa J  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I699565
26 Sarah A  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I714335
27 Sarah E  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I820157
28 Susan  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I786136
29 AKINS, Lydia May  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I818767
30 AKINS, Mary Alice  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I532229
31 ALBRIGHT, Pamela Ann  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I691441
32 ALLOWAY, Irvin T  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I677075
33 ALLOWAY, Joseph Eugene  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I1018907
34 AMBROSE, Benjamin A  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I806952
35 ANDERSON, Bonnie Sue  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I1019561
36 ANDERSON, Catharine Barbara  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I651165
37 ANDERSON, Donald L  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I827191
38 ANDERSON, Dorothy S  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I805654
39 ANDERSON, Harriet Annie  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I737486
40 ANDERSON, James D M Jr.  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I703308
41 ANDERSON, Marian Luella  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I775368
42 ANDERSON, Martha Elizabeth  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I752624
43 ANDERSON, Sarah Elizabeth  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I797870
44 ANDREWS, Jane  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I741590
45 ANDREWS, John McCall  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I673073
46 ANK, Bessie M  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I943774
47 ARMSTRONG, Margaret B  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I751166
48 ARNOLD, Amanda  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I530987
49 ARNOLD, Charles Edward  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I746811
50 ARNOLD, Clyde Henry  Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania I746812

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATKINS / WISE  21 Dec 1871Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F276220
2 BAIR / SNYDER  9 Oct 1890Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F272605
3 BOYD / GEMMILL  8 Apr 1897Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F270300
4 COLLINS / MANIFOLD  22 Sep 1836Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F307275
5 COLLINS / WALLACE  Mar 1891Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F212710
6 CONSYLMAN / REICHARD  21 Oct 1883Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F209393
7 CRALEY / ELFNER  17 Feb 1940Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F234247
8 CRISWELL / GIBNEY  Abt 1880Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F258256
9 DINSMORE / SHAULL  18 Jan 1855Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F233345
10 DOUGLAS / MCNARY  19 Mar 1792Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F242162
11 GEMMILL / MURPHY  24 Dec 1874Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F260181
12 GEMMILL / SAYLOR  27 Jan 1898Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F255855
13 GOHN / STRAYER  1772Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F286608
14 GROVE / HEPBURN  13 Nov 1776Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F254761
15 HANNIGAN / SHAULL  23 Jan 1918Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F215783
16 HAUGH / ILLGAS  23 Nov 1880Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F271045
17 HEFFNER / NOSS  Abt 1857Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F181652
18 HOWETT / BADDERS  Abt 1870Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F284711
19 KLINEYOUNG / GEMMILL  17 Dec 1908Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F277961
20 LUTZ / CHALFANT  15 Mar 1894Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F259903
21 LUTZ / WALLACE  22 Jul 1925Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F222089
22 MCKINLEY / TOME  12 Nov 1878Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F272823
23 MCSHERRY / MCGEE  17 Aug 1876Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F271599
24 MILLER / BOTT  10 Aug 1882Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F269138
25 REHEARD / ANDERSON  24 Sep 1919Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F211660
26 REICHARD / SEITZ  19 Apr 1903Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F211567
27 RIALE / GEMMILL  8 Feb 1931Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F255856
28 ROBINSON / OBERLANDER  7 Jun 1855Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F251325
29 RUNKLE / SAYLOR  20 Jun 1923Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F207784
30 SCHOTT / HUNTER  22 Feb 1986Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F298094
31 SHURMAN / SILAR  9 Aug 1918Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F308551
32 SINCLAIR / MILLER  20 Dec 1900Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F219244
33 SMITH / TOME  23 Aug 1855Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F157985
34 THOMPSON / GEMMILL  31 Aug 1848Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F265166
35 THOMPSON / JOHNSON  1859Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F251250
36 THOMPSON / PURDY  24 Nov 1785Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F285860
37 WALLACE / MURPHY  25 Jan 1872Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F257768
38 WILSON / FISHEL  20 Oct 1891Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania F255790