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Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLESSING, Allice N  May 1870Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641736
2 BLESSING, Dock  Abt 1875Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641995
3 BLESSING, Elbert Floyd  Dec 1873Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641999
4 BLESSING, James Frank  Jun 1869Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641998
5 BLESSING, James W  Abt 1870Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641994
6 BLESSING, Jennie C  Abt 1868Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641993
7 BLESSING, Missouri E  Abt 1868Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641735
8 BLESSING, Stephen S  Sep 1876Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641737
9 BLESSING, Susan C  Abt 1865Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641997
10 CORVIN, Alfred Sowers  21 Oct 1881Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644718
11 CORVIN, Arthur Roscoe  9 Aug 1891Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644722
12 CORVIN, Charles Brown  11 Apr 1877Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644716
13 CORVIN, Daisy Ann  13 Jun 1889Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644721
14 CORVIN, Emeliza  Abt 1871Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644739
15 CORVIN, Grace V  26 Apr 1885Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644719
16 CORVIN, Hattie C  Feb 1884Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643262
17 CORVIN, John G  Feb 1873Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644740
18 CORVIN, John Henry  29 Oct 1876Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644715
19 CORVIN, Laura B  Dec 1874Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644741
20 CORVIN, Laura Bell  30 May 1893Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644723
21 CORVIN, Loranzo Jackson  3 Feb 1880Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644717
22 CORVIN, Margaret J  20 Oct 1886Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644720
23 CORVIN, Minnie J  Jan 1877Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644742
24 DAVIS, Carl E  Abt 1903Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643285
25 DAVIS, Flora E  Abt 1906Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643286
26 DAVIS, Foster F  Abt 1907Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643287
27 DAVIS, John H  Abt 1909Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643288
28 HELDRETH, Allene M  Abt 1910Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643524
29 HELDRETH, Alva M  Abt 1908Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643523
30 HELDRETH, Bessie  Abt 1905Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643522
31 HELDRETH, Catherine T  Abt 1878Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643461
32 HELDRETH, Frank  Abt 1902Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643521
33 HELDRETH, Glenn  Abt 1901Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643520
34 HELDRETH, Lillie Alice  Abt 1875Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643460
35 HELDRETH, Robert Lee  Oct 1872Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643459
36 KING, Allan  Abt 1909Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644793
37 KING, Christopher  Abt 1900Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644792
38 KING, Stewart C  Abt 1875Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643139
39 LEEDY, Alley Oregon  4 Apr 1876Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641725
40 LEEDY, Charles Brown  4 Jun 1873Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641723
41 LEEDY, John Albert  8 Sep 1847Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I632274
42 LEEDY, Laurence K  24 Mar 1897Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643152
43 LEEDY, Lettie Eden  29 Oct 1879Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641727
44 LEEDY, Virginia Caroline  27 Oct 1874Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641724
45 LEEDY, William Josiah  24 Nov 1877Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641726
46 LINDAMOOD, Charles L  1863Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I644686
47 SHARITZ, Susan  1862Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I645860
48 SNYDER, Gay  Abt 1908Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643332
49 TARTER, Carroll Alexander  9 Sep 1875Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I642318
50 TARTER, Harlow  Abt 1878Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I642311

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HELDRETH, Charles H  Bef 1920Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641802
2 HOUNSHELL, Elizabeth Jane  24 Feb 1927Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I642312
3 HOUNSHELL, Joseph Harlow Sr.  13 Sep 1940Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I645227
4 HOUNSHELL, Peter Wesley  12 Aug 1947Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I645220
5 HOUSMAN, Samuel  10 May 1918Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I17141
6 KEGLEY, Polly Catherine  1866Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I642015
7 TARTER, Rhoda Elizabeth  7 Aug 1929Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I642301
8 TARTER, Virginia May  28 Apr 1891Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I642319
9 UMBARGER, Laura Ellen  19 Oct 1881Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I643313
10 UMBERGER, Hezekiah  8 Sep 1891Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641182
11 UMBERGER, William  30 Dec 1891Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia I641180


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CASSELL / HOUNSHELL  5 Mar 1902Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia F249565
2 HOUNSHELL / TARTER  3 Feb 1869Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia F248657
3 MCCUTCHEN / HOUNSHELL  17 Sep 1908Black Lick, Wythe, Virginia F249564