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Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURNS, Harry Monroe  28 Jun 1921Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I186431
2 CARSON, Colleen  14 Dec 1939Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I414980
3 CARSON, Robert G  2 Mar 1935Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I414979
4 CHERRY, Adie T  17 Nov 1865Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466352
5 CHERRY, Anna B  14 Mar 1868Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466353
6 CHERRY, Benjamin H  11 Feb 1877Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466484
7 CHERRY, Calvin H  16 Mar 1878Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466485
8 CHERRY, Franklin M  11 Feb 1877Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466483
9 CHERRY, John Clark  28 Nov 1863Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466351
10 CHERRY, Juniata A  2 Feb 1871Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466481
11 CHERRY, Lloyd A  19 Feb 1856Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466348
12 CHERRY, Margaret  16 Mar 1878Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466486
13 CHERRY, Mary  31 Jul 1860Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466350
14 CHERRY, Samuel Sanford  14 Feb 1858Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466349
15 CHERRY, William P  29 Dec 1873Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466482
16 DATESMAN, George  4 Apr 1913Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I1050487
17 FLEMING, Grace  15 Jul 1899Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I177427
18 HOOK, George William Sr.  Abt 1891Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I177593
19 HOPKINS, Clara  17 Dec 1908Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I178446
20 KIRKPATRICK, Earl Robert  19 Nov 1893Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I178563
21 MEYERS, Lester L Jr.  28 Jan 1936Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183348
22 SHEETS, Ethel A  15 Aug 1898Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I775075
23 WERTZ, Ethel M  31 Dec 1899Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183491
24 WERTZ, Frank J  1 Jul 1873Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183484
25 WERTZ, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1909Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183521
26 WERTZ, May Eva  7 Nov 1894Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183489
27 WILLIAMSON, Charles  28 Sep 1933Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I910686
28 WILLIAMSON, Doris W  18 May 1931Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I823912
29 WILLIAMSON, Mary Louise  Abt 1929Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I823922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALE, Harry M  11 Oct 1927Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I177359
2 BURNS, Harry Monroe  27 Sep 1978Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I186431
3 CHERRY, Charles C  5 Sep 1918Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I351951
4 CHERRY, Daniel Alfred  25 Aug 1923Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I351947
5 CHERRY, John Jr.  9 Mar 1915Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I319764
6 CHERRY, John G  1984Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I351876
7 CHERRY, Lee L  1984Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I351862
8 CHERRY, Samuel Sanford  4 Jul 1903Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I466349
9 FETTERMAN, Elsie C  10 Jun 1915Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I445639
10 HOUSER, Christian  31 Jan 1897Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I176245
11 HOUSER, Lucy Catherine  26 Jan 1939Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I585096
12 KELLY, Esther Miriam  7 Mar 1995Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I177131
13 KELLY, Mary Ann  12 Oct 1894Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I176249
14 LYLE, Robert V  6 Oct 1909Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I177154
15 POORMAN, Myrle Charles  15 Aug 1970Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I138542
16 REESE, Howard W  23 Aug 1976Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I176787
17 REIGH, Lulu May  12 Nov 1984Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I351863
18 TURNBAUGH, Clara M  1 Feb 1948Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I524904
19 WATTERS, Mary E  10 Mar 1942Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183488
20 WERTZ, Frank J  3 Oct 1942Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183484
21 WERTZ, May Eva  4 Jul 1962Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183489
22 WIRTZ, John Calvin  10 Dec 1911Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I183478


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, George M  Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I351893
2 CORNELIUS, Thelma Mae  Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I1057484
3 MEANS, Mary Pleasant  Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I1068389
4 REACHARD, Webster Walter  Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania I491950


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUSH / CHERRY  17 Nov 1921Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania F144345
2 GLASGOW / CHERRY  17 Nov 1887Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania F185623
3 MCCLELLAN / CHERRY  20 Jun 1920Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania F144344
4 YINGLING / HAGERTY  1883Bellwood, Blair, Pennsylvania F113558