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Washington, District Of Columbia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adele  Abt 1890Washington, District Of Columbia I522314
2 Annie  Abt 1849Washington, District of Columbia I596159
3 Eleanor H  Aug 1870Washington, District Of Columbia I517307
4 Nellie  Abt 1884Washington, District Of Columbia I444127
5 Vera Mae  Abt 1894Washington, District Of Columbia I1004864
6 ABEL, Douglas Robert  26 Jan 1983Washington, District Of Columbia I772441
7 ALEXANDER, Sandy Ann  5 Jul 1964Washington, District Of Columbia I528201
8 BRANE, Grace M  Jul 1891Washington, District Of Columbia I517303
9 BRANNAN, Charles  Abt 1904Washington, District Of Columbia I965915
10 BURKET, Everett  Jun 1883Washington, District Of Columbia I981456
11 BURKET, Harold C  Aug 1896Washington, District Of Columbia I981459
12 BURKET, Lillian Elizabeth  Mar 1893Washington, District Of Columbia I981458
13 BURKET, Lula M  Sep 1890Washington, District Of Columbia I981457
14 BURKET, Raymond  Feb 1882Washington, District Of Columbia I981455
15 BURTON, Lila Ray  16 Dec 1933Washington, District Of Columbia I718102
16 CAVE, Mildred Victoria  4 Feb 1921Washington, District Of Columbia I533379
17 COVEY, Jonathan Lee  10 Sep 1999Washington, District Of Columbia I336049
18 DAVIS, Margaret Edith  2 Jun 1922Washington, District Of Columbia I220175
19 DILL, Joseph Stanley  22 Jun 1911Washington, District Of Columbia I973445
20 ELFMAN, Thomas  Abt 1908Washington, District Of Columbia I696174
21 EVEY, Mabel Vincent  5 Oct 1883Washington, District of Columbia I177338
22 FOLKEMER, Mary Ellen  9 Sep 1953Washington, District Of Columbia I614400
23 FOWLER, Anna R  Abt 1878Washington, District Of Columbia I504844
24 GANNETT, Harold E  28 Jul 1917Washington, District of Columbia I551266
25 GAWLER, Alfred B  Abt 1873Washington, District of Columbia I600280
26 GAWLER, Clara E  Abt 1906Washington, District Of Columbia I600282
27 GETZENDANNER, Ann Catherine  5 Jan 1826Washington, District Of Columbia I368976
28 GETZENDANNER, Ann Rebecca  22 Jun 1836Washington, District Of Columbia I368978
29 GETZENDANNER, Ann Rebecca  22 Jun 1836Washington, District Of Columbia I368987
30 GETZENDANNER, Catherine Ann  12 Dec 1845Washington, District Of Columbia I368973
31 GETZENDANNER, Hannah Elizabeth  9 Mar 1850Washington, District Of Columbia I368974
32 GETZENDANNER, Joseph  14 Mar 1839Washington, District Of Columbia I368979
33 GETZENDANNER, Joseph  14 Mar 1839Washington, District Of Columbia I368988
34 GETZENDANNER, Mary Ellen  25 Aug 1841Washington, District Of Columbia I368980
35 GETZENDANNER, Mary Ellen  25 Aug 1841Washington, District Of Columbia I368989
36 GETZENDANNER, William Henry  7 Jul 1832Washington, District Of Columbia I368977
37 GOLIHEW, William John Jr.  24 Apr 1931Washington, District Of Columbia I629063
38 GRAFF, George  Abt 1903Washington, District Of Columbia I656690
39 GRAFF, Katherine Lucille  Abt 1908Washington, District Of Columbia I656691
40 GUY, Alvin Ignatius Jr.  30 May 1947Washington, District Of Columbia I30875
41 HALL, Richard Morris III  30 Aug 1940Washington, District Of Columbia I538047
42 HARDING, Ralph  Abt 1873Washington, District of Columbia I596149
43 HARE, Leroy  Mar 1897Washington, District Of Columbia I526356
44 HARP, Catherine E  Oct 1893Washington, District Of Columbia I517308
45 HARVEY, Martha Margaret  8 Feb 1835Washington, District of Columbia I1036953
46 HAUPTMAN, John W  Abt 1820Washington, District Of Columbia I969773
47 HEATWOLE, Dorothy Luttrell  13 Apr 1926Washington, District Of Columbia I578655
48 HEATWOLE, Harry Travis  9 Aug 1915Washington, District Of Columbia I514002
49 HEISER, Mary Helen  17 Aug 1917Washington, District Of Columbia I689978
50 HENDERSON, Margaret  1 Oct 1909Washington, District Of Columbia I332076

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AYLER, Doris Jean  31 Dec 1912Washington, District Of Columbia I9445
2 BICKLE, Lulu Grace  Washington, District Of Columbia I344190
3 BISHOP, Charles Halleck  20 Dec 1927Washington, District Of Columbia I950857
4 BROWN, Salome Catherine  5 Apr 1889Washington, District Of Columbia I368263
5 CLONINGER, Anna Frances  12 Apr 2000Washington, District Of Columbia I471779
6 COLLINS, Mildred Lucile  3 Jul 1981Washington, District of Columbia I6268
7 COURTNEY, James A  10 Oct 1890Washington, District of Columbia I997217
8 COVEY, Jonathan Lee  12 Sep 1999Washington, District Of Columbia I336049
9 CRAIG, Samuel J Jr.  19 Jan 1951Washington, District Of Columbia I798571
10 CRILLY, Frank L  15 Jul 1936Washington, District of Columbia I1018768
11 DICE, Hazel Catherine  22 Jun 1933Washington, District Of Columbia I621910
12 DICK, William Franklin  22 Feb 1946Washington, District Of Columbia I758254
13 DIETZ, Stewart R  9 Feb 1946Washington, District of Columbia I389786
14 DUCKWORTH, Earl Clifford  16 Feb 1970Washington, District of Columbia I6273
15 DUNDORE, Mary E  25 Oct 1995Washington, District of Columbia I1013032
16 EBAUGH, Kathryn  16 Jan 1915Washington, District Of Columbia I1018762
17 EMIG, Dora Theresa  21 Jul 1926Washington, District of Columbia I1004749
18 FAKE, Harry E  4 Jun 1976Washington, District Of Columbia I304592
19 FISHER, John Musser Jr.  14 Nov 1955Washington, District of Columbia I587042
20 FLINCHBAUGH, Mary  3 Feb 1951Washington, District Of Columbia I9002
21 FORCEY, Clark Johnston  25 Sep 1940Washington, District of Columbia I180378
22 FRY, Russel Lowell Jr.  18 Apr 1996Washington, District Of Columbia I846162
23 FURNEY, Grace Elizabeth  9 Jan 1966Washington, District of Columbia I764169
24 GARBRICK, Saylor Lee  20 Apr 1984Washington, District of Columbia I181706
25 GARLITZ, Isaac Stephen  18 Jan 1947Washington, District Of Columbia I345876
26 GLADFELTER, John Edward Jr.  16 Apr 1954Washington, District Of Columbia I555940
27 GLADFELTER, William H Jr.  13 Feb 1980Washington, District Of Columbia I488268
28 GOTWALT, Emory Eugene  Jul 1971Washington, District Of Columbia I469192
29 GRIGG, Clarence William  1979Washington, District of Columbia I369741
30 HAGER, Sallie Elizabeth  Aft 1942Washington, District of Columbia I600279
31 HARE, John T  Bef 1910Washington, District Of Columbia I526355
32 HENDRIX, James Henry  17 Nov 1922Washington, District of Columbia I1056333
33 HILDEBRAND, Eldon Ray  12 Aug 1993Washington, District Of Columbia I460095
34 HOCK, Henry Francis  16 May 1967Washington, District Of Columbia I670173
35 HOLLINGER, Paul Deardorff  14 Apr 1902Washington, District Of Columbia I4262
36 HOPKINS, H Palmer Ph.D  6 Jan 2012Washington, District Of Columbia I791922
37 INNERS, James Allen Jr.  29 Aug 2010Washington, District of Columbia I902490
38 ISLER  Aug 1956Washington, District Of Columbia I1026235
39 JOSEPH, Donald C  27 Feb 1971Washington, District Of Columbia I634803
40 JULIUS, Emma E  25 May 1933Washington, District of Columbia I8995
41 KAUFFMAN, David B  31 May 1863Washington, District Of Columbia I471911
42 KAUFFMAN, Joseph Christian  1 Jun 1921Washington, District Of Columbia I950043
43 KAUFFMAN, Lillie May  Bef 1920Washington, District Of Columbia I439606
44 KEENY, Grace Louise  9 Apr 1998Washington, District Of Columbia I342479
45 KELLER, Henry C K  29 Sep 2002Washington, District Of Columbia I717389
46 KOHR, Madeline  28 May 1967Washington, District Of Columbia I453390
47 LEBER, Mary E  16 Mar 1940Washington, District Of Columbia I461405
48 LEBER, Mary Emma C  6 Sep 1938Washington, District Of Columbia I526074
49 LEE, Robert Edward  2 Dec 1925Washington, District Of Columbia I809896
50 LEGGE, John Francis Henry  24 Nov 1907Washington, District Of Columbia I492195

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AYLER, Doris Jean  Washington, District Of Columbia I9445
2 AYLER, Harry Eugene  Washington, District Of Columbia I9433
3 BISHOP, Charles Halleck  Washington, District Of Columbia I950857
4 BURKET, Lincoln W  Washington, District Of Columbia I981441
5 KAUFFMAN, Edwin Dewey  Washington, District Of Columbia I444120
6 NEWTON, Catherine Philemon  Washington, District Of Columbia I9443
7 QUIGGLE, Ella Laura  Washington, District Of Columbia I621289
8 QUIGGLE, James W  Washington, District Of Columbia I621290
9 RODIER, Emma Elizabeth  Washington, District Of Columbia I981454
10 THORNTON, James  Washington, District Of Columbia I809647
11 TRAVIS, Edith Lee  Washington, District Of Columbia I514001
12 TROUTMAN, Dr. Frank Henry  Washington, District Of Columbia I77665


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ACHER / BURKET  1 Jul 1912Washington, District Of Columbia F357494
2 AYLER / ROECHER  21 Jun 1899Washington, District Of Columbia F5712
3 BONNABEL / TOPPER  9 Dec 1903Washington, District Of Columbia F256922
4 BROWN / COLLINS  2 Oct 1920Washington, District of Columbia F1485
5 BURKET / RODIER  5 Aug 1881Washington, District Of Columbia F357490
6 BURKET / SANBORN  14 Jan 1922Washington, District Of Columbia F357495
7 CRAPSTER / REINDOLLAR  20 Mar 1920Washington, District Of Columbia F96226
8 DALE / SWEITZER  12 Jun 1944Washington, District Of Columbia F372716
9 ESHBACH / DIEHL  12 Jun 1917Washington, District Of Columbia F266660
10 FLINCHBAUGH / LEBER  Mar 1913Washington, District Of Columbia F205938
11 GREGORY / SPRENKLE  20 Jul 1944Washington, District Of Columbia F257200
12 GRIMM / BENARDIN  1 Jun 1936Washington, District Of Columbia F204914
13 HALL / SHERMAN  15 Jun 1940Washington, District Of Columbia F150291
14 HART / COLLINS  1 Apr 1933Washington, District Of Columbia F155416
15 HOWELL / GLATFELTER  14 Dec 1918Washington, District Of Columbia F5501
16 KAUFFMAN / MCKELDEN  2 Oct 1891Washington, District Of Columbia F348649
17 LOVELACE / DICE  30 Aug 1923Washington, District Of Columbia F226235
18 MCMULLEN / WOLFGANG  20 Oct 1945Washington, District Of Columbia F265691
19 REICHARD / GEHB  28 Apr 1920Washington, District Of Columbia F211970
20 SEALOVER / LAU  27 Jun 1936Washington, District Of Columbia F252796
21 SHERMAN / BLUM  6 Oct 1945Washington, District Of Columbia F150288
22 WINTER / WALKER  4 Dec 1912Washington, District Of Columbia F175710