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Of, Gaston, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catharine  Abt 1790Of, Gaston, North Carolina I1020139
2 ABERNATHY, Marjorie Lois  30 Nov 1913Of, Gaston, North Carolina I143689
3 BAKER, Lillie Mae Elizabeth  21 Jun 1907Of, Gaston, North Carolina I98933
4 BELL, Amanda Elmina  Abt 1848Of, Gaston, North Carolina I104246
5 BEST, Mary Amanda  10 Jun 1905Of, Gaston, North Carolina I105776
6 CLEMMER, Andrew  27 Jun 1807Of, Gaston, North Carolina I99021
7 CLEMMER, Lennie  Sep 1889Of, Gaston, North Carolina I101484
8 CLONINGER, Alice D  Abt 1856Of, Gaston, North Carolina I103685
9 CLONINGER, Barbara D  Abt 1860Of, Gaston, North Carolina I98118
10 CLONINGER, Lavina  Abt 1828Of, Gaston, North Carolina I97834
11 CLONINGER, Rebecca  13 Jun 1916Of, Gaston, North Carolina I877760
12 CLONINGER, Susan  Abt 1812Of, Gaston, North Carolina I104280
13 COSTNER, Eliza Clementine  27 Sep 1840Of, Gaston, North Carolina I113824
14 COSTNER, M S Pulaski  24 Oct 1843Of, Gaston, North Carolina I76309
15 COSTNER, Valentine  24 May 1806Of, Gaston, North Carolina I106015
16 FOY, Lola Bryte  27 Jan 1918Of, Gaston, North Carolina I143384
17 FRIDAY, Luella  12 Jan 1876Of, Gaston, North Carolina I105078
18 FRONEBERGER, Catherine  Abt 1821Of, Gaston, North Carolina I96615
19 FRONEBERGER, John  Abt 1789Of, Gaston, North Carolina I1020138
20 GROVES, Laban Forrest  15 Aug 1870Of, Gaston, North Carolina I105438
21 HAWKINS, Sylvanus M  Abt 1857Of, Gaston, North Carolina I98116
22 HOFFMAN, Adam  1802Of, Gaston, North Carolina I105879
23 HOFFMAN, Elizabeth  10 Jun 1794Of, Gaston, North Carolina I103055
24 HOFFMAN, John Edward  10 Jul 1867Of, Gaston, North Carolina I96643
25 HOVIS, Lawrence Conrad  1938Of, Gaston, North Carolina I331042
26 JONES, Hassie  14 Sep 1898Of, Gaston, North Carolina I450818
27 LINEBERGER, Adam Leroy  Abt 1851Of, Gaston, North Carolina I104249
28 LINEBERGER, John  Abt 1750Of, Gaston, North Carolina I105949
29 LINEBERGER, Margaret  Abt 1842Of, Gaston, North Carolina I101821
30 LINEBERGER, Michael  Abt 1803Of, Gaston, North Carolina I98621
31 LINEBERGER, Susan E  5 Jan 1872Of, Gaston, North Carolina I96355
32 LINEBERGER, William S  18 Jul 1846Of, Gaston, North Carolina I98615
33 PLONK, Margaret Sarah  21 Jun 1862Of, Gaston, North Carolina I100585
34 POPE, John L Jr.  28 Dec 1941Of, Gaston, North Carolina I212339
35 RHYNE, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Of, Gaston, North Carolina I105639
36 RHYNE, William Lawson  6 Oct 1824Of, Gaston, North Carolina I105136
37 ROGERS, George M  Of, Gaston, North Carolina I130078
38 SETZER, Warren Henry Jr.  Of, Gaston, North Carolina I367330
39 SHUMAKER, Elvira  Abt 1837Of, Gaston, North Carolina I104911
40 STOWE, Charles Fred Jr.  30 Jul 1919Of, Gaston, North Carolina I367280
41 THORNBURG, Oliver  Abt 1880Of, Gaston, North Carolina I103672
42 TIMBERLAKE, Mary Anne  8 Nov 1815Of, Gaston, North Carolina I106016
43 WELCH, Sarah L  30 Sep 1880Of, Gaston, North Carolina I110213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, Austin Eural  1 Oct 1991Of, Gaston, North Carolina I440415
2 ABERNETHY, Gideon A  1875Of, Gaston, North Carolina I755236
3 ALLEN, George W Jr.  4 Apr 1966Of, Gaston, North Carolina I378138
4 ANTHONY, Fred Dixon  8 Dec 1979Of, Gaston, North Carolina I223190
5 ARMS, Robert Edward  20 Feb 1959Of, Gaston, North Carolina I872342
6 AVERY, Mary Pearl  15 Dec 1953Of, Gaston, North Carolina I373093
7 BAILEY, Nellie  7 Dec 1985Of, Gaston, North Carolina I1022808
8 BAKER, James Warren  15 Mar 1982Of, Gaston, North Carolina I284382
9 BEAM, William Ervin  2 Apr 1995Of, Gaston, North Carolina I982803
10 BELK, Donald Privette  18 Feb 1976Of, Gaston, North Carolina I533428
11 BELL, Clyde A  26 May 1932Of, Gaston, North Carolina I95906
12 BELL, Ruth  13 Jan 1991Of, Gaston, North Carolina I748184
13 BIGGERSTAFF, Flora  27 Feb 1977Of, Gaston, North Carolina I232774
14 BISHOP, Nellie M  22 Dec 1989Of, Gaston, North Carolina I369503
15 BLACK, James Henry  25 Nov 1971Of, Gaston, North Carolina I543253
16 BLACKBURN, Jonah Hall  5 Jul 1991Of, Gaston, North Carolina I615489
17 BOREN, Jane E  4 Apr 1992Of, Gaston, North Carolina I736340
18 BOTTS, Roy Manley Jr.  28 Mar 1970Of, Gaston, North Carolina I403375
19 BOYD, Sadie  13 Apr 1994Of, Gaston, North Carolina I896849
20 BRIDGES, Callie  18 Apr 2011Of, Gaston, North Carolina I901871
21 BRITTAIN, Dennis Otis  30 Jun 2014Of, Gaston, North Carolina I963181
22 BROWN, Oscar Daniel  16 Dec 1973Of, Gaston, North Carolina I1001909
23 BRYSON, Betty Sue  23 Aug 2002Of, Gaston, North Carolina I125231
24 BRYSON, Joseph Holland  Jun 1982Of, Gaston, North Carolina I125228
25 BUCHANAN, David Nathan  16 Oct 2005Of, Gaston, North Carolina I1009682
26 BULWINKLE, Alfred Lewis  16 Aug 1990Of, Gaston, North Carolina I111545
27 CAMPBELL, Janice Etheleen  27 Aug 2015Of, Gaston, North Carolina I113230
28 CARPENTER, Emma Victoria  3 Apr 1923Of, Gaston, North Carolina I370726
29 CARPENTER, Everett William  10 Jul 1987Of, Gaston, North Carolina I116282
30 CARPENTER, Marvin Franklin  14 Feb 1975Of, Gaston, North Carolina I881516
31 CARPENTER, Miles Love  1976Of, Gaston, North Carolina I754403
32 CARPENTER, Olin Daniel  2 Nov 1993Of, Gaston, North Carolina I951656
33 CHRISTOPHER, Deborah Dean  7 Jan 2000Of, Gaston, North Carolina I921869
34 CHRONISTER, Nealie  10 Aug 2013Of, Gaston, North Carolina I922545
35 CLARK, Lucy A  5 Aug 1981Of, Gaston, North Carolina I232835
36 CLINE, Elsie  20 May 1986Of, Gaston, North Carolina I727098
37 CLIPPARD, Thelma  27 Oct 1992Of, Gaston, North Carolina I1020500
38 CLONINGER, Charles Corbett Sr.  5 Jun 1973Of, Gaston, North Carolina I755934
39 CLONINGER, Margaret Frances  21 Sep 1992Of, Gaston, North Carolina I851497
40 CLONINGER, Sue Betty  27 Sep 1976Of, Gaston, North Carolina I589623
41 CLONINGER, Wayne Leonard  12 Jun 1974Of, Gaston, North Carolina I113037
42 CLONINGER, William Ray  4 Aug 2001Of, Gaston, North Carolina I480358
43 COKER, Allen  Of, Gaston, North Carolina I416884
44 CONROY, Kenneth Roland  29 Nov 2000Of, Gaston, North Carolina I919121
45 COX, Albea Burwell  20 Oct 1993Of, Gaston, North Carolina I522239
46 CRENSHAW, Billie Sue  11 May 1993Of, Gaston, North Carolina I235928
47 CRISP, Ronald Lee  6 Oct 1971Of, Gaston, North Carolina I914521
48 CROFT, Max Norris  5 Feb 1959Of, Gaston, North Carolina I736282
49 CROFT, Ricky Alan  21 Apr 2012Of, Gaston, North Carolina I736278
50 DAVIS, Ernest Haskell  14 May 1965Of, Gaston, North Carolina I975570

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COSTNER / RUDISILL  Abt 1800Of, Gaston, North Carolina F19688
2 COSTNER / TIMBERLAKE  Abt 1846Of, Gaston, North Carolina F37244
3 HARRIS /   Abt 1858Of, Gaston, North Carolina F51470
4 MASON / RAMSEY  Abt 1862Of, Gaston, North Carolina F47183