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New Salem, York, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANTHONY, Carl Wilbert  20 Sep 1925New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I913624
2 AUGHENBAUGH, Esther Viola  20 May 1922New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I275468
3 BAER, Fhloe E  23 Jul 1907New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I524627
4 BAER, Josephine M  1 Feb 1930New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I829823
5 BANKERT, Rodney L  3 Apr 1947New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I269998
6 BECK, Clara E  23 Oct 1855New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I535753
7 BECK, Helen I  5 Apr 1928New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I770922
8 BECKER, Alice Marie  4 Nov 1916New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I531068
9 BECKER, Charles Edward  18 Oct 1938New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I830440
10 BECKER, Helen M  21 Jul 1896New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I213888
11 BILLET, Ida Lucinda  22 Nov 1871New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I651652
12 BOYER, Elwood Eugene  22 Feb 1919New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I590664
13 BOYER, Florence Marie  3 Sep 1910New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I590660
14 BOYER, Lester Leroy Sr.  2 Dec 1913New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I590661
15 BOYER, Lois Irene  29 May 1931New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I529534
16 BOYER, Minnie Marie  26 May 1896New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I154882
17 BOYER, Roland  10 Dec 1921New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I529532
18 BOYER, Roy Cletus  28 Jul 1898New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I154885
19 BOYER, Russell Eugene  27 Apr 1917New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I548619
20 BRENNEMAN, Grace E  19 May 1912New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I461845
21 BRENNEMAN, Rosa Viola  19 Dec 1900New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I174674
22 BRODBECK, Arlene Romaine  14 Jul 1924New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I458812
23 BUPP, Charles H  26 Jun 1915New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I710859
24 BUPP, Louise K  18 Jul 1923New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860082
25 CULBERTSON, Neulon D Sr.  28 Dec 1922New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860339
26 DENNIS, Joyce M  6 Nov 1927New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860609
27 DOLL, Dorothy M  8 Mar 1924New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I549736
28 EMIG, Cecilia Susan  25 Jul 1828New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I250251
29 EYSTER, Alma Carolyn  7 Feb 1924New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I429549
30 FIGDORE, Emma Jane  1 Dec 1850New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861463
31 FIGDORE, Valentine  27 Jul 1835New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I850699
32 FINK, Ronald Leroy  27 Dec 1937New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I555913
33 FISHEL, Warren Edwin  16 Jun 1891New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I388208
34 FOLKENROTH, Daniel Howard  4 Sep 1902New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I20332
35 FOLKENROTH, Samuel Jacob  4 Sep 1902New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I20331
36 FOLKOMER, Helen Lauer  9 Jan 1911New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I452247
37 FORRY, Evelyn Naomie  12 Nov 1910New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I267144
38 GENTZLER, Audrey F  1 Apr 1928New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I432766
39 GENTZLER, Emanuel C Sr.  25 Mar 1825New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I7951
40 GENTZLER, Mary L  2 Sep 1924New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I367451
41 GENTZLER, Rodney M  13 Apr 1934New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I432763
42 GENTZLER, Romona Delores  13 Aug 1920New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I432743
43 GINGERICH, Jeremiah Carl  21 Jul 1907New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I531189
44 GLADFELTER, Carolyn Lee  3 Aug 1943New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I994614
45 GLADFELTER, Ellis Andrew  8 Sep 1911New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I12115
46 GLADFELTER, Evan G  22 May 1871New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I8176
47 GLADFELTER, Maynard Roy  8 Oct 1925New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I418876
48 GLADFELTER, Rodger Eugene Sr.  29 Jun 1924New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I418875
49 GLATFELTER, Cynthia Ann  14 Feb 1948New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I301316
50 GLATFELTER, Franklin E  27 Jan 1824New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I7962

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FOLKENROTH, Daniel Howard  12 Oct 1902New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I20332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah  12 Feb 1908New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I850697
2 ALDINGER, Mary Jane  4 Mar 1999New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I240649
3 ALMONEY, Charles Richard  27 Feb 1998New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I738232
4 ALMONY, Carl Edward  19 Apr 1964New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I859573
5 ANSTINE, Pauline Louise  9 Jul 2006New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I335898
6 ARNOLD, Annabelle Mae  1 Mar 2014New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I839302
7 AUCHEY, William Harold  15 Nov 1963New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I623015
8 AUGHENBAUGH, Catharina  2 Jan 1930New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I10034
9 BAHN, Elwood Gordon Sr.  20 Jul 2005New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I271774
10 BAIR, Juliann  1945New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I8083
11 BAKER, Rodger H  5 Dec 2007New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I478134
12 BANKERT, Susan Jane  5 Nov 1999New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I252352
13 BAUGHER, Louise Ada  7 Jun 2014New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I462297
14 BECK, Helen Romaine  15 Apr 2005New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I602032
15 BIXLER, Shanita Kaye  11 Apr 2015New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I698538
16 BRENNEMAN, Aravilla  3 Aug 1961New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I146564
17 BRENNEMAN, Bert Leo  29 Apr 1948New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I146580
18 BRENNEMAN, Charles  12 Nov 1928New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I135878
19 BRENNEMAN, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1927New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I135888
20 BRENNEMAN, Elizabeth L  18 Oct 1910New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I7464
21 BYERTS, James Leroy Jr.  Jan 1974New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I823608
22 CASHMAN, Pastor John T  18 Jul 2009New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I894991
23 CONWAY, James Hugh  4 Nov 1998New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I174478
24 COPP, Paul H Jr.  1 Apr 2001New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I428694
25 DOLL, Sarah Ann  15 Dec 1933New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I7631
26 EHRHART, Henry G S  27 May 1932New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I274992
27 EISENHART, Sarah Ann  3 May 1906New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I174583
28 ENDERS, Jeannetta  13 Jul 1935New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860652
29 EYSTER, Paul Cleveland Jr.  15 Jan 1994New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I429556
30 EYSTER, Sarah Ann  9 Nov 1947New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I10025
31 FOLKEMER, Nathan Sr.  24 Jul 1909New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I10014
32 FORRY, Albert H  10 Apr 1926New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I387663
33 GENTZLER, Alene Lucreda  28 Nov 2007New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I432786
34 GENTZLER, Emanuel C Sr.  28 Apr 1894New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I7951
35 GENTZLER, Michael Emig  9 Aug 1924New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I593064
36 GLADFELTER, Mahlon Leroy  21 Jan 2006New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I456087
37 GLADFELTER, Maynard Roy  23 Feb 2007New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I418876
38 GLADFELTER, Philip Raymond Sr.  Aug 1977New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I7887
39 GLATFELTER, Anna Minoma  23 Jan 1911New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I10037
40 GLATFELTER, Armeda  27 Jul 1880New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I606192
41 GLATFELTER, Emanuel  22 May 1893New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I3905
42 GLATFELTER, Franklin E  1 Oct 1915New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I7962
43 GLATFELTER, Jacob  4 Sep 1885New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I8115
44 GLATFELTER, Nettie Kate  13 Feb 1963New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I527939
45 GODO, Mary Helen  9 Oct 2014New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I872882
46 GRAYBILL, Ben S  4 Jan 1892New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I584325
47 GRAYBILL, Fockferd C  1 Aug 1889New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I584324
48 GRUVER, Emaline Ann  30 Jul 1936New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I595740
49 HENRY, Eliza Jane  31 Jan 1923New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I429552
50 HOFFMAN, Fannie M  11 Aug 2009New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I602623

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Agnes  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I923503
2 Annie J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I459333
3 Annie K  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I429353
4 Betty J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I759651
5 Carrie R  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860466
6 Catharine  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I863565
7 Celinda L  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I923530
8 Choletta E  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I750426
9 Clara J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I731553
10 Dolores M  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I923614
11 Ella C  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I863078
12 Elmira  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860666
13 Emma  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I925414
14 Emma J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I551754
15 Esther L  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860753
16 Fannie E J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I863189
17 Flora J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861480
18 Gladys A  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I616206
19 Isabel  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861501
20 Janet R  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860750
21 Jessie F  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I616213
22 Julia  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I630716
23 Louise  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I923553
24 Lydia  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I631950
25 Lydia  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I922463
26 Lydia J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861469
27 M Lucinda  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861447
28 Margaret  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I924999
29 Margaret M  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861643
30 Maril A  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861446
31 Mary  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I217860
32 Mary  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861486
33 Mary A  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860604
34 Mary E  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860594
35 Mary J S  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I701427
36 Paetta  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I529469
37 Sadie M  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I858903
38 Sarah  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I13421
39 Sarah  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I635444
40 Sarah  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I850697
41 Sarah A  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I861675
42 Sarah A  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I925004
43 Sarah E  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I923601
44 Sarah J  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I725130
45 Sarah M  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I923704
46 Thelma R  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I616465
47 Tillie A  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I860595
48 ADAMS, Edwin Cloyd Sr.  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I859081
49 ADAMS, Emma Geraldine  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I859082
50 ADAMS, Mary Grace  New Salem, York, Pennsylvania I859110

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DIEHL / EHRHART  28 Jun 1945New Salem, York, Pennsylvania F1608
2 FOLKENROTH / DOLL  15 Jun 1922New Salem, York, Pennsylvania F12113
3 HOKE / KLINEDINST  7 Jan 1922New Salem, York, Pennsylvania F4952
4 KLINE / COOPER  22 Sep 1907New Salem, York, Pennsylvania F4606
5 SMITH / BUPP  6 Sep 1908New Salem, York, Pennsylvania F99717