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Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine  4 Mar 1792Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I515062
2 ALTLAND, John Edward  15 Apr 1963Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I802614
3 ALTLAND, Ramon E  9 Oct 1939Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I854768
4 ALWOOD, William Henry  25 Feb 1835Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I643716
5 AUCHEY, William D  22 May 1870Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I394460
6 BAILEY, Katie Ida  Jun 1875Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I654574
7 BAILEY, Mabel Irene  22 Jun 1893Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I542960
8 BAILEY, Mary Ann  1846Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I1036858
9 BAIR, Daniel  19 Apr 1794Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I661670
10 BAIR, Frances Malinda  2 Sep 1924Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I467492
11 BAIR, Mary Magdalena  10 Sep 1845Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I555240
12 BAIR, Russell E  13 Feb 1913Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I761243
13 BAIR, Solomon Cornelius  24 Jul 1853Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I634044
14 BAKER, Dorothy M  27 Jul 1925Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I829574
15 BAKER, Pauline B  15 Aug 1926Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I837337
16 BARNHART, Philip Jackson  8 Jun 1846Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I661409
17 BAUBLITZ, Amos  7 Aug 1851Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I514530
18 BAUBLITZ, George C  7 Aug 1843Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I513519
19 BAUBLITZ, Lydia  Apr 1853Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I460011
20 BAUBLITZ, Peter  28 May 1847Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I698014
21 BAUBLITZ, Sevilla  Abt 1850Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I875817
22 BAUGHER, Aaron Sweitzer  7 Feb 1867Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633443
23 BAUGHER, Anna Maria  20 Oct 1757Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I750614
24 BAUGHER, Daniel  30 Mar 1756Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I750613
25 BAUGHER, John Christian Frederick  29 Aug 1754Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I750612
26 BAUGHER, Lettie Sarah  15 Sep 1896Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633442
27 BECHTEL, Christina Margaret  1926Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I718414
28 BECHTEL, Levi Miller  6 Dec 1868Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I387642
29 BECHTEL, Robert Hershey  12 May 1920Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I1060441
30 BECHTEL, Solomon Harnish  24 Feb 1826Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I614752
31 BECKER, Earl Alton  19 Dec 1921Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I146694
32 BECKER, Emeline S  19 Nov 1856Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I624977
33 BECKER, Esther Arlene  10 Aug 1925Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I844992
34 BECKER, Geraldine Evelyn  14 May 1924Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I961210
35 BECKER, Helen R  14 Apr 1924Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I799836
36 BECKER, Jennie Ruth  4 Feb 1896Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I459444
37 BECKER, Minnie Rebecca  Abt 1893Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I791094
38 BOLLINGER, Anna Mary  11 Oct 1825Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I658606
39 BOLLINGER, Edward M  26 Oct 1886Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633496
40 BOLLINGER, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1808Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I935624
41 BOLLINGER, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1826Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I658460
42 BOLLINGER, George Franklin  17 Nov 1870Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I460537
43 BOLLINGER, Henry  18 Dec 1819Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I935627
44 BOLLINGER, Henry  Abt 1822Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I961689
45 BOLLINGER, Jacob  20 Dec 1862Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I653713
46 BOLLINGER, Johannes  13 Sep 1785Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I391882
47 BOLLINGER, Joseph  6 Mar 1826Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633493
48 BOLLINGER, Josiah  6 May 1829Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I658607
49 BOLLINGER, Michael  1812Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I1036859
50 BOLLINGER, Michael Meichek  Abt 1818Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I935625

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 WOLF, Frances Jane  24 Mar 1934Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I698183


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catherine  10 Mar 1857Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I515062
2 Magdalena  14 Feb 1787Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I197641
3 Mary  Abt 1800Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I801670
4 BAER, Anna  16 Mar 1799Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I870880
5 BAER, Christian  17 Apr 1795Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I241828
6 BAILEY, Mary Ann  10 May 1877Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I1036858
7 BAIR, Daniel  10 Oct 1834Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I375406
8 BAIR, Daniel S  20 Dec 1949Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I387600
9 BAIR, Daniel W  18 Nov 1876Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I387607
10 BAIR, Solomon Cornelius  1 Mar 1907Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I634044
11 BAUGHMAN, Melinda Lucinda  14 Nov 1887Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I8686
12 BEAR, Michael  10 Mar 1846Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I661600
13 BECHTEL, Magdalena  30 Dec 1821Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I270734
14 BECHTEL, Martin Miller  16 May 1882Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633594
15 BECHTEL, Mary Ann Miller  13 Feb 1878Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I623145
16 BECHTEL, Samuel Sr.  Mar 1758Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I33155
17 BECKER, Amelia Mandilla  11 Dec 1893Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I760628
18 BECKER, Lewis  14 Feb 1931Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I634013
19 BECKER, Mable Susan  22 Oct 1955Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I505278
20 BECKER, Sarah Ann  31 Dec 1945Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I699068
21 BEECHER, Alverta May  3 Dec 1958Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I620823
22 BOLLINGER, Magdalena  6 Apr 1886Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I923808
23 BOLLINGER, Samuel  23 Jul 1874Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I658586
24 BOWERSOX, Sarah  8 Nov 1873Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I625188
25 BOWMAN, Henry K  10 Jan 1889Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I588098
26 BOYER, Andrew  7 Apr 1916Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I154894
27 BRILLHART, Bertha Irene  2 Dec 1956Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I455002
28 BRILLHART, Eva  20 Sep 1823Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I24577
29 BUCHER, Elizabeth  14 Jun 1892Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I947526
30 BUCHER, Michael  31 Dec 1831Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I870883
31 BUCHER, Nicholas  27 May 1835Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I870879
32 DANNER, David  27 Jan 1842Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I164799
33 DANNER, Elizabeth  21 Apr 1798Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I209564
34 DANNER, Michael Sr.  29 May 1782Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I19428
35 EICHELBERGER, Salome  5 Apr 1856Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I940817
36 EICHELBERGER, Susanna  23 Aug 1851Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I39286
37 FLICKINGER, Marie Elizabeth  5 Aug 1787Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I284844
38 FLICKINGER, Samuel Sr.  11 Nov 1816Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I24576
39 FORNEY, Christian George  11 Aug 1824Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I801669
40 FORNEY, Frederick Philip  3 Feb 1783Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I634361
41 FORRY, John  30 Apr 1841Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I196391
42 FORRY, Sadie  1 Oct 1961Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I401203
43 GARRETT, Emma Jane  27 Nov 1937Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I620821
44 GEBHART, Brandon M  28 Mar 2015Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I902867
45 GEISLER, Paul R  25 Apr 1972Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I458434
46 GERBER, Maria  1823Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I621181
47 HALE, Eli  4 Mar 1873Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I31590
48 HAMM, Jacob  31 Oct 1861Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I585705
49 HAMMER, Mary  Abt 1788Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I314181
50 HARNISH, Barbara  20 Oct 1914Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633530

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Catherine  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I515062
2 Elizabeth  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I622957
3 Elizabeth  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I776174
4 Ellen V  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I1053608
5 Evelyn M  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633524
6 Helen E  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I959582
7 Kathryn P  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I540816
8 Mary J  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I891576
9 Rebecca G  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I657036
10 ALBRIGHT, Alphus G  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I661245
11 ALBRIGHT, Martha  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I661244
12 ALTLAND, Almena Romaine  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I494778
13 ALTLAND, Clara M  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I687006
14 ALTLAND, Leo J  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I687004
15 ALTLAND, Victor S  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I389824
16 AMSPACHER, Clair Kenneth  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I527226
17 AMSPACHER, Spurgeon Felix  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I507041
18 AMSPACHER, William  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I634007
19 ANSTINE, Donald Luther  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I335967
20 APPLE, Sophia F  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I1038879
21 ARNDT, Annie  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633580
22 AUCHEY, Bruce Allen  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I758950
23 BAER, Amanda  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633601
24 BAER, Christian  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I241828
25 BAER, Daniel E  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I633602
26 BAILEY, Viola R  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I595571
27 BAIR, Amanda  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I488702
28 BAIR, Catherine  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I319369
29 BAIR, Daniel  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I239370
30 BAIR, Daniel  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I375406
31 BAIR, Daniel S  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I387600
32 BAIR, Daniel W  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I387607
33 BAIR, David H  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I239351
34 BAIR, Effie Annetta  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I507003
35 BAIR, John E  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I506995
36 BAIR, Mary Jane R  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I507482
37 BAIR, Samuel K  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I685137
38 BAKER, Catherine  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I507682
39 BANGE, Albert L  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I601844
40 BANGE, Melvin Leroy  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I1038037
41 BANGE, Ralph Henry  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I462925
42 BANKERT, Florine B  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I637905
43 BANKERT, Katherine Pressel  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I620287
44 BANKERT, Laverne Richard Sr.  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I590839
45 BANKERT, Mary Jane  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I882241
46 BANKERT, Ralph Pressel  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I637902
47 BARE, Elsie  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I151947
48 BARE, Samuel M  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I151906
49 BARNHART, Sevilla  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I626711
50 BARTHOLD, Betty  Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania I571831

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAUBLITZ / STAMBAUGH  7 Aug 1843Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F183238
2 DANNER / BECHTEL  2 Oct 1750Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F13277
3 FLICKINGER / BOWMAN  20 Nov 1828Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F240672
4 FORNEY /   Abt 1775Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F303334
5 FORNEY / BOWERSOX  Abt 1823Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F303335
6 FORNEY / SHERTZ  8 May 1753Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F245506
7 FREED / HALE  10 Jul 1890Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F6055
8 HAMM / BOLLINGER  2 Nov 1909Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F247300
9 HERSHEY / FORRY  17 Sep 1844Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F67202
10 HOFF / BOLLINGER  20 Jan 1848Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F341038
11 RUDISILL / EICHELBERGER  25 Mar 1823Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F21094
12 SHRIVER / WIRT  16 Feb 1837Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F345946
13 TRONE / SHUTT  21 Feb 1850Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F181096
14 WALTERSDORFF / BRICKER  30 Sep 1855Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F193060
15 WILDASIN / TRONE  29 Apr 1894Heidelberg Township, York, Pennsylvania F240819